Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apparently, I am not cool anymore.

We haven't seen the Cookie Club kids in forever. So, I thought it would be fun to get together and make some Easter cookies. I called them last night to set up a time, and then I made a special trip to the store this morning to get all of the ingredients.

I was surprised when the scheduled time came and went, and no kids showed up. In the good old days, the kids would be banging down our door, and we would be saying to them, "Come back in five minutes! We're not ready yet!"

I called their mom, and she informed me that they had decided to go to the YMCA with their friends instead.


I guess they are growing up. Preston is a junior in high school (he only came to eat the cookies anyway), Mahogany is an eighth grader (the age when no one is cooler than your friends), and Ebony and David (both still in elementary school) are influenced by their cool older siblings. On top of that, little Guinny, Natasha, Lawrence, and Yani moved away.

What a bummer.

I feel like a mom whose kids don't want her around anymore. It's kinda sad.


  1. Good thing you still have the cookies to make yourself feel better! :)

  2. Oh no! Not a SOUL showed up?! That is certainly a slap in the face. :) However, I do remember how annoying it was when they were pounding on your door six times a day this summer wanting Mr. Ryan to come and play. There needs to be a happy medium. And their mom DEFINITELY should have called you or made one of them call you to cancel since you called them to make special arrangements. That's pretty rude, actually.

  3. Oh Rachel- I know just what you mean!! Only my youngest joined me for Easter egg coloring this year! I'm really having to adjust my thought pattern and not get disappointed when things aren't fun to them anymore. I guess it'll lead to some special one on one time with Jayna though.


  4. Rach! Ah, it made me sad . . . life is always full of loss as new beginnings come. I'll come!

  5. you're still cool. cooler than those kids. you would have called a cab from the YMCA to eat cookies when you were in eighth grade!


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