Saturday, April 17, 2010

I got one of the best!

Last weekend, Ryan and I attended the "Spring Formal" for the dental school held at the Pearl Street Grill in downtown. It was very fun. We got all done up (well, as "done up" as a frumpy, Mormon school teacher ever gets--believe me, I had the dowdiest dress in the entire place!), we enjoyed a nice dinner with friends, and then we danced the night away.

It really was a delightful evening, and I am thinking of inviting my sisters and their husbands for next year's event, to make-up for our last attempt at a formal dance. What do you say, girls? Skip the Sheridan and fly to the Buff?

We sat next to some really friendly Asian students from Ryan's class. At one point, Ryan got up to get me a drink, and one of them (whose Americanized name is Ryan, ironically), slid over next to me and said in his thick accent and in all sincerity, "The very first time you met Ryan, did you know that you wanted to marry him?"

"Well, I wouldn't say that I knew I wanted to marry him," I responded, trying not to giggle. "But I did know that he was something special."

"He is something special," this adorably sincere fellow agreed. "He is humble, smart, and serious about he kicks my butt (he may have used a different word) on the soccer field. You got one of the very best!"

I couldn't agree more!

Ryan Nielson with Ryan the admirer


  1. That is a great story! I love it! And I doubt you were the only frumpy one....I happen to know that there are a LOT of Mormon spouses in Ryan's classes, and they are stay-at-home moms, which is even frumpier than teacher usually! And if it were free to fly to Buffalo then I'd say heck yes, but alas. I'm glad you had fun. Logan's med school dance like that turned into a drunken rollick so we had to leave a little early. :)

  2. Only two other Mormon couples were there--and both of those girls are very fashionable and skinny as rails. Oh, and by the way, most of the stay-at-home moms in our ward are FAR from frumpy! They are fashionistas!!

  3. Sounds fun! I would love to come. We could be frumpy together. :)

  4. Well we have to second that! We think Ryan is something special...and I'm sure he could kick my *** on the soccer field too!


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