Saturday, April 24, 2010

A View from Behind

My buns are sore this morning.  For good reason: my pilates-instructor-of-a-little-sister had me on the ground yesterday doing all sorts of lifts and taps and stretches.

It was fun--for the first ten minutes.  Then, I had to pause to eat a piece of chocolate Heath cake.

The second set of ten minutes was a lot harder to get through.

Speaking of buns, a humorous anecdote from my trip:

On Monday night, I accompanied Laura to the Zumba class that she instructs.  I stood directly behind her, so that her view of me in the mirror would be blocked.  (I did not want to endure her giggles and smirks as I made a fool of myself throughout the entire class.)  From my position behind her, I had quite a nice view of her spandex-clad backside.  This became especially interesting as she demonstrated squats for the class.

As she bent her knees and thrust out her rear, I noticed that the spandex pulled tight and became suspiciously see-through. Maybe it's a seam in the pants, I told myself and looked closer as she again squatted down.

Not a seam.

Imagine my delight as I divulged the news to her after class:  You have been mooning your students for the past six months!

Horrified and mortified, Laura insisted that we drive directly to Target, where she tried on all sorts of yoga pants and where I was forced to do the "see-through check" as she squatted down in the dressing room.  Oh the things a sister will do.

At her Wednesday night class, she confided the problem to one of her trusted students who is also her friend from church.  "Can you please watch during the squats and let me know if I need to stop?" she asked nervously.

A middle-aged woman nearby heard the request and asked what was going on.

"Umm, well my sister informs me that when I squat, my pants get transparent, so apparently I have been mooning you ladies for the past several months," Laura blushed.

To this, the woman responded, "We don't care!  We want to see the GOAL!"

So I was thinking...if a periodic shot of her buns serves as such a powerful motivator to her students, maybe she should return her new pants to Target!  What do you think??


  1. That is way too funny! THanks for the laugh!

  2. OH MY GOSH! I love this story!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Hilarious! Return those pants and work that booty, girl! :)

  3. Wow! How have all of her students kept this from her for 6 months!?

  4. hahahhaahahaha! Work your booty!

  5. Hey! In my defense, all of my students said they had NEVER seen my crack!! Maybe you just couldn't keep your eyes off the prize. :)

  6. I have no opinion on your sister's exercise wear, but this story sure made me laugh. I only wish I'd read this before our discussion of your butt being in the way during RS today. It wasn't, but if it were, having it fully covered, at least, is a nice consolation.

    Laura's a good sport. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  7. Ask your sis to bring her butt to buffalo...I need some motivation to get back to the gym and work off this chubb! ...Great Story!

  8. That is hilarious! Work it girl!

  9. Oh thank you so much for sharing this!! Hilarious! I ♥ Laura and her mooning bum.


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