Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have decided that it is officially unacceptable that my husband weighs less than me.  A lot less.  Think double digits.

I once heard an older couple described as a "10."  I didn't get it at first, until it was explained to me that the husband was the skinny "1" and the wife was the round "0."

I was not amused.  Why?  Because this analogy hit a little too close to home.  It may be cute for couples to be "10s" when they are old...

Ryan and I are not old.

And just as I don't like being the round one, Ryan doesn't like being the twiggy one.  It is not manly to weigh much less than your wife.

And so, we are on a mission.  We have dubbed it O.F.U.R. or Operation Fatten-Up-Ry.  Some of our ideas include the following:

1.  Ryan drinks whole milk and uses half-and-half on his cereal.

2.  On Sundays, we make Ryan a meal that he can eat each day for lunch while I am at school.  This week, I made homemade chicken pot pie, and I used lots of butter and half-and-half in the sauce.  Yummm.  (I won't be eating any of it.)

3.  Ryan will get together with his buddies more often for pizza and wings.  (This will be good for his stress level and social life as well.)

4.  When I make a healthy dinner, I will eat one serving, and Ryan will eat three or more.

What do you think?  Will this work?  What other suggestions do you have?  When making your suggestions, please keep in mind that O.F.U.R. stands for Operation Fatten-Up Ry, not Rachel, and I cannot have junk food around the house to tempt me.

Speaking of junk...let's get some junk in Ry's trunk, shall we??


  1. Me and Chris are having a weight loss competition. So in order to try and beat him, I got all the girls in his Med school class to start bringing in goodies when ever possible so he would see them in the study area and be tempted. I know I am evil, but he has no clue they re in on it.

  2. You are hilarious. First of all, Ry is just built differently than you, so while you don't have to be a "10," chances are that he will always be the string bean in the family. Also, be careful about TOO much unhealthy foods, because being skinny doesn't mean you can't get high cholestoral. Reed is skinny as a . . . well, a reed . . . but he has to be careful about what he eats anyway because he has such high cholesterol that he's on medication for it. Elise and Taren have it too (as do Logan and Paulette, but they seem like more likely candidates). So fatten him up by all means, but be careful not to sacrifice his health in the process.

  3. It is so unfair that guys have to work so hard to fatten up. It's very easy for me.

  4. You know I know where you are coming from! I don't think I could even get Carl to touch whole milk, or even consider half and half on his cereal. He continues to eat way more ice cream than any normal person and not gain an oz. It's ridiculous!!!!! I think our husbands need to form a "gain weight" support group ;)

  5. Bahaha. Oh man, this was too funny. Good luck, Ryan, on your mission! Although Trav isn't a string bean, he never exercises (except for soccer) and can eat whatever he wants and not seem to show it. I may not eat the best but I have to work HARD to keep off the weight. The male/female metabolism thing just isn't fair.

    Junk in the trunk..... you kill me.

  6. Rachel...why are you so hilarious? I think you have 6 comments in 2 hours for this post. I agree that Ry should fatten up a bit! I would be careful as well about eating to much butter and all that stuff. My grandpa is skin and bones and he has TERRIBLE cholesterol because he eats all of that junk. It can really throw your body off. You know though, everyone is different and some people aren't even effected by it. Can't you gain weight by eating more protein? You should look into Jacob's diet from Twilight and see what he did to fatten and beef up so fast. I know he was eating constantly and working out, but he didn't eat tons of junk from what I remember. Good luck Ry! This is just to funny.

  7. As I told you before, I suggest protein shakes. But that would require him hitting the gym sometimes as well. Protein makes you beef up. They fill the cereal and bars they give in humanitarian aid with protein, and that will not have adverse effects on his health. And I tell you one thing--those will CERTAINLY not tempt you!!!

  8. Oh, and one more thing. Peanut butter!!! Lots of nuts. They are healthy fat but still very fattening!

  9. gaining weight?
    as a goal!?!
    ha ha ha!
    this is a FIRST for me to witness. . . so i have NO clue what you should do!
    ha ha ha!!!
    when i gained my weight. . . i ate LOTS of McDonald's french fries and fast food tacos. . . how do you feel about those foods Ryan? :)

  10. notice i gave the ONLY unhealthy advice. . . so maybe you shouldn't take it!

  11. Everytime I read your blog I laugh. Everytime I read your blog I miss you guys. OFUR so funny.
    Take care!

  12. Be very very careful!! Paul was a stick when we got married and ate like a horse for years without any impact on his weight. I apparently did too good a job at fattening him up, so now we are just a pair of 00s!!


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