Saturday, May 8, 2010

Worth watching!

I am speaking in church tomorrow and have been trying to figure out what to say all morning.

While doing some research on the Internet, I came across this video.  

It brought me to tears.  It reminded me of my own mom and how so much of life as she knew it was taken from her when she was a young mother.  At age 35, she went through chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant.  Her physical body was never the same again--but to me, she was the most beautiful woman on the planet.

I love what the woman in this video says: "I am Stephanie Nielson.  And I am not my body."


  1. I am a long time fan of "NieNie." Her blog is very inspiring and reminds me every time I read it to enjoy the simple pleasures of life every single day.

  2. Thanks for posting. That is twice today that you have made me cry... I have read her blog and find her very inspiring.

  3. She made the front page of the Church News, very cool!

  4. i know a LOT of people who read NieNie. . . she is such an inspiration! ;)


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