Friday, June 4, 2010

Even better than roses...

Earlier today, I claimed that my husband was being "shown up" by a twitterpated teenage boy.

I must eat my words.

Tonight, Ryan surprised me with a belated birthday outing.  My 26th birthday was on Memorial Day, but it was rather anti-climactic because we traveled home from Idaho and spent about nine hours in airports and planes that day.

So, tonight I got my birthday date, and it was oh-so-fun.  Ry told me to get ready for a bike ride, and we headed off to downtown Buffalo.  I was shocked when we pulled up to the Greek Orthodox Christian Church, and there was a huge party going on!

Who knew that I had so many friends in Buffalo wanting to celebrate my birthday with me?

But no, the hundreds of people were not there for me--it was actually the 33rd Annual Buffalo Greek Festival.

I thought it was a great event.  LOTS of delicious Greek food (which I love), live music, folk dancers, cultural presentations, and perfect weather.

Ryan even bought me a cute Greek bracelet.  (I don't think the bracelet is even slightly Greek, but hey, it was pretty, and we did get it at the Greek festival.)

Way better than a dozen long-stemmed roses!


  1. how fun!
    you do have a keeper :)

    Happy Belated Birthday woman!!!!
    love ya to pieces :)

  2. Totally stalking you on your blog if you don't mind. But way to go Ryan on the Birthday surprise! Jacob went to the same Greek festival while I was at work with my parents last year. I made sure he brought some leftovers back. There's a great hole in the wall Greek restaurant in Palmyra. Temple double date night in the future? Happy Belated B-Day!


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