Friday, June 4, 2010

Twitterpated Teens

I am always astounded by teenage infatuation.

One of my giggly students just came walking into my classroom carrying a three-foot-long rose box tied with a gigantic pink bow.

"Lucy!" (name has been changed) I exclaimed, "What are the roses for??"

"Oh, it's me and my boyfriend's anniversary, so he sent me flowers."

"Wow, that was thoughtful.  How long have you two been together?"

"One month."


A dozen long-stemmed roses for their one-month anniversary?

Ryan better step it up.



  1. since when do high school students celebrate anniversaries!?!
    let alone at ONE month!

    if you think Ryan needs to "step" it up. . . Pace needs to "leap" it up! ;)

  2. Ah young love. :) One of my students is worrying about what to do about his "really serious girlfriend" when he goes back to Sweden for a month this summer. I thought he must be gone all summer and not have access to a phone or something . . . Nope. ONE MONTH! With an international cell phone. But they can't handle not seeing each other every day, don't you know? They have been dating two blissful months and are in love. :)


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