Friday, September 3, 2010

What should I wear on the first day of school?

Teenagers are harsh fashion critics, and I am trying to find just the right outfit to impress them on the first day of school.  I stopped at my local teacher consignment shop today to get a few supplies; little did I know that I would walk out of the store holding a few excellent options for my first-day-of-school ensemble. Both are so lovely that I am having a hard time choosing.

Please vote.

Option 1:

I would like to point out that this sweater has shoulder pads.

Option 2:
Though not as obviously "teacher-ish," this option features a memorable print with small, plastic strawberry buttons.  I think it would be especially effective if I walked into class carrying my books in my watermelon picnic basket.
Try not to be jealous of my awesome sweaters.


  1. Um, LOVE THEM!! The first one is exactly what I've been looking for to wear as an ensemble to an "ugly sweater" party. If you really did buy them, perhaps you wouldn't mind me borrowing it from you for said occasion. You definitely rock both outfits. The shoulder pads make #1 the obviously choice

  2. these sweaters are supposed to be "ugly"?
    i say THEY ARE stylish!
    go teacher Rachel go!

    i vote for number two. . . you can't go wrong with strawberries!

  3. Oh my gosh, you are TOO much!!! The first one is better, but with the basket involved it may be a different story..... :)

    By the way, we were so busy talking about the dramatics in our lives that I didn't hear about your first week! Call me! xoxo

  4. Wow. Um. Hmmm. Well, I really really like those earrings. ;)

  5. Those are both totally classic. I might have to borrow those bad boys sometime . . .

  6. Definitely #1 - it makes you look scarier:)

  7. I vote for #2 - and the picnic basket idea :)

  8. You should definitely rock the teacher sweater, wear a bun and find some apple jewelry. You are going to be by far the coolest teacher at your school with that outfit

  9. Definitely option 2! I love it!

  10. My vote is still in for Tick Tock, and you are such an awesome teacher!

  11. i hope you don't mind i linked your awesome sweaters to my schoolmarm blog :)

    i would like to know if you REALLY wore one of those to the first day of school! if you did, you are my hero.


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