Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A few random things:

1.  My cell phone is functioning again.  With a longer battery life.  It must've needed a little bath to clean out the gunk.

2.  I went with Sherry to see the musical Mary Poppins last night.  The whole time, I kept looking at my big carpet bag purse and wishing I could pull a lamp out of it.  But I do carry around lots of random things in my purse--including a roll of packing tape with a razor-sharp cutter thingy.  Tonight, when I reached into my bag to grab my now-functioning cell phone, I cut my finger.  Luckily, my friend Tiffany was kind enough to give me a Sponge Bob band-aid.

3.  Ryan has been in Alaska this week.  He went there for a dental residency interview.  He texted me one afternoon to say that he had just seen a gigantic moose grazing on the side of the road.  I picked him up from the airport tonight, and I am oh so glad to have him home again.  He is handsome.

4.  I am tired and stressed these days.  But writing blog posts like these help.  Life is really uncertain and really busy for us right now.  But it is also good.


  1. Alaska?!?!? That is some exciting stuff! You two are incredible and will be incredible wherever you go and whatever happens next

  2. I didn't know he'd been gone! exciting! And WOW what an expensive flight that must have been! Did you love Mary Poppins? We did when we saw it last year! Didn't you already buy a new phone?

  3. Did you love Mary Poppins? I saw it in England and LOVED it. And please tell Ryan to go to school in Alaska so I have a reason to come visit! :)


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