Monday, October 25, 2010

Help Needed

Today, as I was grading 100 papers, I decided that I hate being an English teacher.

Then, I started searching for flights for my husband's pediatric dentistry residency interviews, and I decided that being a travel agent might be even worse than being an English teacher.  Orchestrating travel arrangements is a huge pain.

Does anyone know anyone who lives in the following places and might be willing to let Ryan stay on his/her couch for a few days?

Memphis, TN
Pittsburgh, PA
Cincinnati, OH

The couch of a dental/medical student would be perfect (so Ryan could get the "scoop" about the school/area), but really any couch would work--sure beats paying for a hotel.

Thanks for any suggestions!


  1. Good idea. I don't think Logan would let me do this. Mark McIver lives somewhere in Hawaii...

  2. Actually we know someone in Pittsburg! Our friends Andy and Michelle! (She's the OBGYN resident that's referring people to and was opposite Logan in Bye, Bye Birdie.) Just about the nicest people on the planet. Let me know exactly when he'll be in HI and PA and I'll see what I can find out.

  3. I wish I did know somebody any of those places. I'll tell you what I did before some of Spencer's med school interviews. Contact a bishop in the area (or his wife - like I did in one location), explain the situation, and ask if he knows of anyone in his ward who might be able and willing to put your husband up with a couch and a shower.

    That worked for us in two places. I would definitely try it.
    Good luck!

  4. My favorite aunt and uncle live in Honolulu. He works for BYU and they are awesome and beg for visitors. Just say the word and I will line it up for Ry!

  5. That was me Kashann, btw. And I think this is such a good idea. I wonder if Brent would let me line up a place for him next weekend in Charlotte, NC. He is going to a 6 month braces seminar. Know anyone in Charlotte?

  6. Well I see someone already found a couch for him in Pitt, but if it doesn't work out, I also have a friend there whose husband is in dental school. I can definitely get him a place to sleep there if needed!

  7. you know what Pace did when he interviewed?
    he stayed at the dental school's fraternities.
    it's free. . . not ideal. . . but free!
    he could call the school's and see?
    i am sure they would set it up for him :)

    other than that. . . i know nobody's!
    sorry. :(
    good LUCK!

  8. CINCINNATI is my hometown. Woooot. He could stay with my parents, I'm sure, but I do know a medical resident that he might be able to hook up with.

    I also have two cousins in Pittsburgh, who are both in Dental School...

    email me!

  9. What no Texas interviews? I would totally let him stay here and I would work on fattening him up for you. Oh well, My cousin lives in Memphis. He is kinda redneck, but he is married and has two kids and is super sweet and a family guy. Plus they are very very nice and clean.

  10. Got anything lined up in Nashville yet? Shoot me an email, if not, and I can contact my friends who live there. He is doing a dental residency at Vanderbilt.


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