Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have I mentioned that I am really excited to adopt?

I am really really excited to adopt.

People sometimes say weird things to me about adoption.  I think they consider adoption to be a disappointing fallback plan for us.

It's not.

Ryan and I started our adoption paperwork almost as soon as we started our fertility treatments.  It doesn't matter to us how we get a baby...biological, doesn't make a difference.  We just want a baby to love.

Honestly, I hope someone chooses us for adoption tomorrow.


  1. I just got my friend's announcement in the mail yesterday inviting us to their family's sealing to their newly adopted, black baby girl. She has three of her own kids and an adopted Mexican son and now this cutie. As I looked at their family picture.. it just looked right. They all belonged together. I think adoption is wonderful! Still praying that call will come for you guys.

  2. I hope you get your baby soon- wouldn't that be the perfect Christmas gift!

  3. I think the same thing can be said for your eventual future children: it won't matter to them whether you are their biological or adopted parents, because you will do a great job either way!

  4. I am a huge advocate as my dad was adopted. I think it's wonderful. I think of you guys often and am excited to see how things work out for you.

  5. You and me both, baby!!! I'm asking Santa to bring a baby for your stocking! :)

  6. Oh how I wish that someone chooses you tomorrow too!!!


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