Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Christmas Compliment from Grandpa Nip

Today, we received a Christmas card from Ryan's grandpa.

The opening line made me laugh out loud.

"It was good to see Ryan recently.  He looks better than he has for some time.  He must be eating well."

Victory!!!  Chalk one up for O.F.U.R!

I wanted to take the credit because we all know what a fabulous cook and homemaker I am, but Ryan said, "It's probably the interview dinners."  Thanks, Babe!

Whatever the reason, I must agree with Grandpa Nip: Ryan is looking pretty good lately.  Especially wearing reindeer antlers:

I am determined to enjoy the Christmas season this year.  Ever since I started teaching, I've been so busy during December (end of the semester), that I haven't thought about Christmas at all.  I haven't even decorated our apartment or put up a tree.  How lame am I??

Well, not this year.  We set aside Sunday as our "planning for Christmas" day.  We decorated, put up the tree, watched the annual Christmas Devotional put on by the presidency of our church, ate "Christmas Soup," and made a plan for how we are going to celebrate this month.

We decided that Christmas is really about two things: 1) drawing closer to Jesus Christ, and 2) serving and loving our fellowmen.

So we are going to try to do both of those things every day this month in some small way.

I really want this month to be special and not too crazy busy or stressful.

Typing a lesson plan by the light of our impressive tree
Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh Grandpa! I did see Ryan and he looked great, but I never thought differently. You guys are cute! Hope all is well!

  2. Your tree is so adorable! :0)

  3. You've got to love Grandpa's cards! I haven't seen Ryan lately, but when we were little I had a secret crush on him, the kind where you wish they weren't your cousin so you could marry them. Have a merry Christmas season!

  4. Classic card! I'd say it's about three things. #3 is having fun bonding with family!


  5. Man, we tried to do that last Sunday and then I got sucked into planning lessons. SO . . . our tree is up but undecorated and our decorations are spread out all over our disaster of a house. So annoying.


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