Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ready to celebrate...

This tooth is ready to party.

In May, Ryan started his applications for a residency in pediatric dentistry.

Nine months, ten interviews, and $2500 later (the application and interview process is a total rip off), he will find out on Monday if and where he "matched" for residency.

To celebrate this momentous day, I've decided that I want to throw a Match Day Party.  The theme of this gathering will not be determined until the day of the party because it is going to center around the location of Ryan's residency.  If he matches in Hawaii, we will be drinking pina coladas and wearing leis; if he matches in Utah, we will be eating Mormon funeral potatoes and listening to the Tabernacle Choir; if he does not match anywhere...well, he will need cheering we will have bowls of Hugs and Kisses, and we will each give him one.  Yes, the party, and our lives, will go on, even if he doesn't match. 

I will be scrambling to get food, decorations, music, and activities planned on the day of the party, and it sounds very exhilarating/stressful to me.  I'm always up for a good challenge!

The other night, I sat down and tried to brainstorm possible party foods and decorations for each of the places that he interviewed.  As you will see, some of my ideas are better than others.  (By the way, this is not his rank order, which I'm not allowed to reveal online.)

Honolulu, Hawaii--Hawaiian pizza, pina colada drinks, leis and ugly luau shirts, hula, limbo, tiki torches

Salt Lake City, Utah--green jello, "funeral potatoes", Cafe Rio pork, Mormon Tabernacle Choir music

Kansas City, Missouri--(Uh...I've got nothing...please help me out here.)

Anchorage, Alaska--snow cones, Eskimo Pie ice cream bars, salmon, turn our apartment thermostat down to 30 degrees and make everyone bundle up (just kidding), dog sledding (kidding again)Iron Will the movie (loved that when I was a kid)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--something with steel? (okay, that's just pathetic), Super Bowl cake

Denver, Colorado--John Denver music, Coors beer (it was founded in Colorado...maybe I could put root beer in Coors cups?),  something with skiing?...the Rocky Mountains?...the "Mile High" state?  (even as a native of Colorado, I don't have many ideas here)

Buffalo, New York--pizza and wings, Loganberry drink, Bills/Sabres decor, something with Niagara Falls?

Rochester, New York--same as Buffalo?  (Does anyone know what's distinctive about Rochester?)

Cincinnati, Ohio--chili (apparently it's really popular there) (I could really use some help here...Amber Jensen, I'm talking to you!)

Memphis, Tennessee--Southern BBQ, Elvis music and decor

**Please please please, I beg of you, share some of your party ideas by leaving a comment.  I welcome all ideas, even nonsensical ones!

Everyone is invited.  Seriously, anyone can come.  If you are reading this blog post, and you want to come, please do.

The details:

Match Day Party

Monday, January 31

Nielson Apartment (leave a comment or email if you need the address)

8:00 p.m.
(I know this is bedtime for little kids, so I understand if you can't make it, or if only one parent can make it.)

Some type of post-dinner snack or refreshment will be served

RSVP in a blog comment, so I know if anyone is coming and can plan the grub

Check back on Monday afternoon to find out if he matched, so you can plan your party outfit accordingly!  


  1. Oh my gravy, I feel y'all on the money spent on interviews. Freaking pharmacy school is the same way. I think we've dropped about the same amount of money on applications and perhaps place holders. It's craziness.

    As for Kansas City, you could still do BBQ since KC BBQ is huge (and even though this is blasphemous coming from the south, one of my favorite kinds of BBQ) and blues music. I know that may seem a little Memphisy, but they are very similar and if you're struggling for ideas, you could just do general appetizers and overcome everyone with kindness since it IS the Midwest.
    Best of luck!

  2. What a fun idea Rachel! Good luck! I can't wait to hear where you guys match!

  3. You are so creative! What a great idea. So if it's Rochester you can have the "Garbage/Junk Plate". Apparently Rochester started that lovely dish. :) It consists of french fries, baked beans, hot dogs, onions, mustard, and a chili-like meat sauce all on one plate. Yum right?!

  4. After reading your first three possibilities, I had an idea: put a pork tenderloin in a crockpot Sunday night and let it cook for many hours. On Monday, when you find out where you're going, douse the meat in sweet Hawaiian bbq sauce, or Cafe Rio sauce, or Kansas City BBQ sauce, as appropriate. But then I kept reading and realized this one-size-fits all idea doesn't fit for Anchorage, Pittsburgh, Denver, or any of the rest of your possibilities. (Well, Memphis works, too.)

    So, while I realize it may be inadvisable to base major life decisions on food, my best party advice to you is: pray for pork. Or a pork-lovin' city anyway.

    I have no worries for you. You'll be a blessing to whatever city/program/ward/neighborhood you end up in.

    I can't wait to find out! Let me know if I can help you with preparations on Monday. I'll try to stop by after the kidlets are in bed.

  5. How fun!

    Rochester has this Dinosaur BBQ that's supposed to be good, and many Buffalonians miss Mighty Taco and Tim Horton's when they leave!

  6. Exciting! I was going to say the same thing about Kansas City BBQ. There are actually different types of bbq based on location of the country. My recollection is that Kansas City bbq is vinegar based and Tennessee bbq is sweeter without the strong vinegar, but I may have gotten them switched. And according to Wikipedia, the city is well-known for its contributions to Jazz and Blues, so there is your music selection.

    I have heard about "garbage plates" too from a friend who served her mission in Rochester. They look and sound disgusting.

    Good luck!

  7. If it's Kansas City, you should play the song "Kansas City" on repeat all night long! "They got a crazy way of loving there, and I'm gonna get me some..." Check it out here and here: and

  8. I WISH I COULD COME!!!! Funnest! You are the cutest wife ever! Maybe I should do the same for Logan, except that lots of his friends will be matching the same day and probably want to do something with their own families. We'll probably just splurge on a fancy dinner out with the Haslams. :) Missouri is the BBQ state, sistah, so Kansas City should be BBQ all the way. Big Blues scene in St. Louis, so that probably extends to KC. It was technically part of the South at one point, so anything down-home Southerny would work.


  9. Alright, I'm taking this challenge on.

    Hawaii - you've got this one covered.

    UT - again, no need for help

    Alaska - I made baked Alaskas when Mike came home from a trip there. Could you work Sarah Palin in somehow? Find a butcher shop that carries some venison or moose? (seriously, that would be gross)

    Pittsburgh - I did a little research and Heinz Ketchup and klodnike bars both got there start here. (
    There are a million delicious things to serve with ketchup!

    Denver - Isn't there a Denver Omelet? I think it the omelet that has everything in it. What about some Rocky Road Ice cream to go with John Denver's Rocky Mountain High?

    Buffalo & Rochester - I can't help, your NY friends will know what to do :)

    Cincinnati - I think your best bet is "Cincinnati Chili" but I also just learned that there is a lot of German influence there. I found this
    if you can't get goetta maybe go for bratwurst? Or chili :D

    Memphis - I say go with the Elvis theme all the way. You could have 'hound dogs' (hot dogs, appetizer weenies, pigs 'dogs' in a blanket). Peanut butter and banana sandwiches were a favorite of his.

    Good luck girl! I wish I could come celebrate with you guys. I can't wait to hear what theme your party will be . . .

    the state dessert in Missouri is an ice cream cone and the state fruit is the norton cynthia grape. My sister used to live in Independence Missouri, which isn't very far from Kansas City, so there's a little church history there.

  11. I wish we could come. That would be a blast. We will be watching the gardners kids so they can celebrate or cheer themselves up that night too. Good luck. Let me know if you need any help with the food etc. I can definitely help with that.

  12. Thayne will stop by. Whether he matches or not he will be a good sport. As long as our date doesn't extend that late. We don't expect it to.

  13. Denver: rocky mountain oysters. :)
    Salt Lake: I will throw a party of my own to celebrate!

  14. What a FUN idea Rach! Sounds like you got a lot of great ideas, one of us will definetly stop by. I would love to bring something so let me know! I'm secretly crossing my fingers for Buff :)

  15. Hi Rachel and Ryan, My wife and I are adoptive parents and your friend Jacy sent us your info since we spotlight families that are hoping to adopt on our blog ( and website ( We'd like to put you guys up for a week! If you're interested please email us: shaneandmegan at gmail dot com. We wish you the best in your journey to adopt!

  16. Utah, Utah, Utah! I am rooting for UTAH!!!

  17. I think you'll have to listen to Tia. She is great! And hello, Kansas: CORN! Oh, and tornadoes and ruby slippers, of course.
    Are Buffalo wings from Buffalo? Because I'm pretty sure bison don't have wings... although maybe that's what's hidden underneath those fuzzy humps.
    I think Red Robin or something has a Mile High Pie, which could work with your Mile High Denver thought.

  18. Oh please answer this! What on earth is a Loganberry drink and how do I get one?!


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