Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not your Typical Night at the Gym

Ryan and I don't have internet access in our apartment yet, so we occasionally go to the club house of our apartment complex to use the free wi-fi.  At night, the club house is locked, so we have to sit in the small (and crappy) gym to use the internet.  I am currently sitting on the floor of the dirty gym, while Ryan sits on one of the weight machines, both of us with our laptops.

Outside, a raucous Latino party is going on.  This is a full family affair, and every once in a while, one of the children comes wandering into the gym.  I asked one of the kids what the party is for, and she told me it's a baby shower.  I've never seen a baby shower so boisterous or with so many men--or so much beer.  (My older sister is throwing me a baby shower next week, and I doubt it will be this interesting.)

Now, eight kids have wandered in here.
A little boy about eight years old is running on the treadmill, going about 5 mph, wearing pointy cowboy boots.
A chubby girl holding her purse is trying out the elliptical.
A crowd of kids is now gathered around Cowboy on the treadmill, and he is increasing his speed to impress them.
I just spoke up and said, "Please don't go any faster.  I don't want you to trip.  I have fallen off a treadmill before, and it hurt."
I am now laughing.  The kids aren't.
A kid is now on every machine, Cowboy has stripped off his shirt, and he is sweating profusely.  His jeans are hiked up above his belly button, to keep them up as he runs.
Several parents have now entered the room and are watching this spectacle like it's the most normal thing in the world.

I have never seen anything like this ever.

I just thought I would share.


  1. Oh the places you guys live . . . I love it. Adventures already. :)

  2. Hahaha you have such a talent with words. This made me LOL.

  3. Hahah! I just read your treadmill story. I gave a good belly laugh (the kind where my belly moves up and down). I can only imagine. How come your life is so incredibly entertaining with so many interesting things happening? I shared the treadmill post with my sister-in-law because she recently blogged about having a similar treadmill mishap. But funny. Especially the comment to the black man. Hahahah!

  4. Niels, I love you. Seriously. LOL.

  5. Hilarious. I laughed out loud.


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