Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Shower and Bombshell Bling

My sisters threw a lovely baby shower for me last week.  Unfortunately, we only got a few photos (I can't believe we didn't get one of the three sisters together), but it was a great night!!  I got so many awesome gifts, and I loved being surrounded by all of the women who have watched me grow up.  I am such a spoiled and lucky girl.

Getting some practice
Thanks to my sisters for pulling together such a great night (Laura was just in town for a few days, but they wanted to make sure this shower happened).

Speaking of my sisters, my older sister, Sarah, loves to design jewelry.  A few months ago, she wanted to do something special for Katie, so she made her this necklace:

I thought it was so beautiful and asked her to make one for me too.  Little did I know, she had already made one for me with a special inscription:

When we were trying to get the word out about our adoption, Sarah was our #1 promoter.  She sent out emails to all of her family and friends and asked them to spread the word about our desire to adopt.  She posted our information all over her blog and on Facebook multiple times.  She is the best!

Now it's my turn to support her!  She is trying to get her jewelry business going, and she is really talented, so if you are looking to buy some funky jewelry for yourself or as a gift, check out her Etsy shop:  Bombshell Bling.  You can also click on her blog button on my sidebar, or you can "like" her Facebook page to follow her and get occasional deals/give-aways.

She makes awesome jewelry like this beauty that I've been admiring (don't know if I could pull it off, but it's stunning):

If you buy one of her sparkly necklaces, you might end up as sassy as her--though I doubt it!  I love this girl.

Sassy Sary, the Bombshell


  1. So cute! I loved that necklace, it was beautiful! I am so excited for you. You are going to be the best mom!

  2. Forwarded your sister's Etsy to my sister. I think she'd love it.

    Getting excited for the new-mama post!

  3. Isn't it great to be able to celebrate with the people that raised you? I love going home!


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