Friday, July 22, 2011

So excited!!

I'm sorry that all I ever write about is the baby, but you know, he's big news around here.

I am currently packing my bag for a week-long visit to see Katie.  Her parents are out-of-town, so we are going to have some fun.

There is a chance that Baby could make his appearance while I am there, so I am packing all the baby stuff.  I am getting totally carried away, but I can't help it.  PJs, onesies, bottles, hats, carseat, diapers...I am ready!  We will probably have to stay in Utah for a little while after the baby is born (before all of the adoption paperwork clears), so I am bringing everything.

The plan was for me to fly on Monday morning, but Ryan couldn't resist joining in on the fun, so he is coming with me for the weekend.  We will drive over--which is better anyway because that gives me lots of space for baby stuff--and we are leaving TONIGHT, as soon as he gets home from work!

I simply can't wait.  I love road trips with Ryan!  We are going to cruise through the mountains of Colorado with the windows rolled down, listening to music and holding hands and talking.  I think we might even stop for some Beau Jos pizza in the mountain town where we both used to work as camp counselors.

Doesn't that sound perfect??

I feel like my life is in disarray--the nursery still isn't ready, and our apartment is a mess--but we are leaving in an hour regardless.

Can't wait to spend time with Ryan.  Can't wait to see Katie.  Most of all, can't wait to see the Little Mister.

Who knows--when I blog again, I might be a mom! :)  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Oh my goodness! That is so exciting. So many things to look forward to on this trip. Safe travels as you drive & have a great time! I am hoping you have pics of the lil man on your next post. :)

  2. So exciting! Don't forget to pack some treats in that bag for the hospital! :) Can't wait to see pictures of your little guy!!!!!

  3. Have a safe trip and lots of FUN!!! :D PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep us updated!!!

  4. Have fun and good luck! That would be so great if baby boy made his appearance. Hope you have a blast!

  5. Congratulations on finishing all your paperwork! I can't believe he is almost here! I am SO SO excited for you. I can only imagine how ready you feel! Have a wonderful weekend with Ryan and a great week with Katie! Can't wait to meet the little man and see you again :)

  6. I am thoroughly supportive of a little perfect coming your way. Best wishes that all goes well in your travel through Colorado and motherhood.

  7. Wow wow wow! You're here. And I hope she has the baby this week. And I hope it goes ok for her. And don't forget that I live in UT. I know you might only be here for a week this time around or maybe longer if baby comes, but I would LOVE to see you sometime while you are in UT this time or if you end up coming back for the adoption if he is born later. Or if you need anything-rides anywhere or help with anything let me know!

  8. Cheeeee HOO! That is so exciting! Congrats, I'm really happy for y'all, and also a bit jealous that you're stopping at Beau Jo's ;)

  9. I had to laugh a little bit at your sweet depiction of your road trip with Ryan. In a few years, they won't be so idyllic, with Little Man (et. al) screaming in the back seat for more Teddy Grahams, and asking "How many more minutes until we get there?" from the moment you leave the driveway.

    For all my road trips (both with and without kids) I've never been on one quite so exciting. Australia! You're almost there! I can't wait!

  10. We are so excited for you! Put pictures up as soon as he comes!


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