Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today, Ryan and I signed our finalized 20+ page adoption home study document.  With our signatures, all of the pre-birth paperwork is totally, completely, absolutely, 100% finished.

I feel like this is a monumental moment.  It took eight months to get through the adoption application process in New York.  After the approval process was completed, we started with the waiting.  We were contacted by eight birth moms in seven months, and we went through eight different heartbreaks (some more serious and devastating than others, but all disappointing).  It felt like I had a miscarriage every month--and all the while, I was doing fertility treatments that were, month after month, totally ineffective.  Talk about discouraging.

Then, we got the phone call from Katie, and we knew that there was something different about her.  We corresponded for several weeks, and we felt so good about everything that we took down our adoption profile and stopped doing fertility treatments.  I couldn't do it all anymore.  We decided we had to move forward in faith that this adoption would actually work out for us.

We knew the baby would be born after Ryan started his residency, which meant that we had to recertify to adopt in the state of Colorado--yes, that meant we needed to go through the entire adoption approval process again.

And so we started over.  This is the checklist that they sent me in the mail.  I had a little bit of a panic attack when I first saw it.  (Click on the photo if you want to read all of the steps that must be completed in order to adopt in the state of Colorado.)

But today, five months after we started the process for a second time, the process is complete.  We are done.

I've posted before about how adopting is like taking a trip to Australia by boat instead of by plane (if you haven't read this analogy, you should--it's very clever and insightful).  Sometimes I feel like Ryan and I have been in a canoe.  It has been a work out!

But the marathon is almost over.  Based on Katie's measurements the past few weeks, her doctor officially changed her due date today. Our Little Man (who still doesn't have a name) is about 6 lbs 11 ozs, and is now due on August 6th--which just happens to be Ryan's 29th birthday. :)

To be honest, I feel like the days are dragging by.  I hear that the last month of pregnancy is by far the longest.  That's how I am feeling right now.  I keep busy all day checking things off my to-do list, but it all feels meaningless--even depressing.  I am ready--soo ready--for the baby to be here.  People tell me to enjoy my last few weeks of freedom, but I've been enjoying freedom for a lot of years now, and it has started to feel a little bit...I don't know...empty.  I am so excited to start the next phase of our life as a family.

Bring on the sleepless nights, the screaming baby in the backseat on car trips, and the infrequent date nights!  Oh yeah--the Nielsons are ready.

Come soon, Little Man!!!!


  1. Great day! I'm so glad everything is DONE.
    Alright little baby, everybody is ready for you.
    I am so glad that you are ready.
    Hurray for just weeks (or less) to having that little snug in your arms.

  2. It's like a child's Christmas! Just GET HERE already! Here's hoping she delivers early. A July birthday would be very welcome indeed. Maybe he'll be born on the 31st and you could name him Harry (kidding). Whenever he comes, what a thrill! Congrats! The waiting is ALMOST over!!!

  3. I think I am more excited about your little baby getting here than I am about our fourth baby coming in February. HAHA! I know exactly how you feel. I hope he gets here soon and is healthy and strong. I hope Katy has an easy delivery and recovery. Our prayers are with you. Oh and August 6th I will be in the temple watching my childhood friend be sealed for time and eternity. SHe has waited almost as long as you guys have been waiting for a baby, to find her eternal companion. So it will be a good day everywhere.

  4. By the way this is Sara Lee not Max Power. Signed in to the wrong account oops.

  5. Hooray! We're so excited for you! We're hoping our little guy comes around the 5th, so they really could be born on the same day! :) We can't wait to see pictures!

  6. I found your blog via one of the other wives! Congrats on the completion of the next step. I am so excited for you two. You totally deserve all the happiness with your little guy!

  7. Great post! So excited for you!!

  8. I hear you on the "enjoy your freedom" comments. It's hard to enjoy that freedom when you really want something more.
    When Penny came, I REALLY wanted that baby, and I was completely overwhelmed with all it entailed. I don't think I had any idea how all-consuming it was. (I'm not saying it will be like that for you, but that was my experience.) But even on the bad days and hardest times, I could remember ALL THOSE DAYS and tears I'd shed wanting this baby so badly. Even when I wondered what I'd gotten myself into, I could remember that, even though some things are easier without kids, that wasn't what I wanted in life.
    I remember sitting on the couch reminding myself how much I wanted this, and wondering how I would have gotten through the tough baby days if Penny had come easily, without any thought or effort. I'm kind of grateful for the struggle of getting Penny, because I know that I'm sure about my decision to have kids. I made that decision time and time and time (ad millium) again. :)
    I'm so excited for you!

  9. Rachel, you are positively amazing. I'm amazed at all you have been through, and yet your words are always so cheerful and uplifting. I tear up every time I read your blog. I don't know how you do it. I'm thinking about you, and I'm so very excited for your family!

  10. I truly do love you Rach! That's one of the great things about are willing to face life with a "bring it on" attitude...and have the faith to make it through the toughest times. May a season of joy begin!!!


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