Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why I Was Doing So Much Laundry In the First Place:

Noah's brand new pajamas
30 seconds after we put them on him for the first time.
Don't believe the message on his shirt.
I had high hopes that once he started eating solid foods, he would stop spitting up so much.

Turns out, he spits up the same amount--but now in technicolor!



  1. Better stick to darks for now! Ugh.

  2. My son was the EXACT same way. Honestly, he was pretty gross for the first year of his life.

    You might be able to relate to this post I wrote when he was 6 months old:

    I am sorry that you have to do so much WILL end, but it might take up to a year. I think my little boy spit up his bithday cake. His twin sister, on the other hand, has only spit up maybe 3 times. Go figure. First-born males are more prone to be spitters.

  3. Rachel-
    I'm outing myself as a creepy blog stalker :) My name is Bethany and I'm a good friend of Amy and Paul. (I grew up with Paul.) I had to write you when I saw this post. My 2nd daughter was ridiculous on the spit up. I mean we are talking I would feed her and then just run over to the sink and let her spit up because it was so much and I was tired of washing towels. In fact I measured it once. In her hay day she would spit up like 2 oz at a time. Because I wanted to make sure she wasn't in discomfort, we put her on Previcid from the time she was a few months old. But the doctors were never concerned for the first months because she was always gaining weight. It was just a lot of spit up.

    And when they start eating solids, it's gross. Pureed foods are bad. And then when you move on to things like yogurt and cheese...I remember crying because I was convinced I was never going to smell nice again because I was being spit up on with disgusting foods and smells to no end. It was awful.

    I wanted to leave a note because (1) I wanted you to know that someone else knows how much what you are going through totally sucks. It doesn't matter how cute and wonderful your kid is, it's just gross and no fun.

    (2) If he really is a spitter and keeps spitting up even as he learns to sit up more and eat solid foods, keeps your eyes on his weight once he starts to become mobile (ie crawling). What happened with my daughter is that when she was a blob, she was getting enough calories despite all her spitting up. But once she started to be mobile, AND because she still spit up very large amounts, she wasn't keeping enough calories down to keep up her weight gain. Her weight gain plateaued and she was the same weight at 8 months that she was at 6 months. Once we realized this, we just had to focus on giving her fattier foods (pasta dipped in olive oil, full fat yogurt, etc). But I never would have realized that she wasn't gaining had I not randomly taken her in to the doctors cause she was sick and they happened to do a weight check. This isn't something to worry too much about. And if it does happen, it's easy to correct. Just something to be aware of when you have a really big spitter.

    (3) Those benchmarks they give you for when the spit up goes away/gets's not always true. I kept waiting for the spit up to go away- when she sat up, when she ate solid foods, when she stood more, after a year, when she walked. She's 15 months old now and she still spits up. Good news is it's nothing like it use to be (quantity wise-- smell wise still gross, lol). I can wear cute clothes now without too much worry of an outfit being ruined. And I can get away with doing spot cleaning on the floor every several days rather than an entire daily mopping. Some kids I think it just takes a suuuuper long time for that muscle to develop and get better. I really don't say this to be a downer. (It really does get better eventually.) But I wish someone had told me that this issue was going to be around for awhile so I could have just accepted it and moved on, rather than constantly waiting and hoping it was about to go away.
    Good luck!


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