Saturday, February 25, 2012

I don't make things-but luckily for Noah, other people do

When my friend Brittany entered my apartment for the first time, she gasped and said, "Oh my gosh!!  Did you make those chairs??"

"Heck no, I didn't," I replied, "but somebody did!  I bought them from this amazingly nice and talented woman who sells salvaged furniture."

Looking a little let down, she sat on our couch and then suddenly perked up. "What about this cute coffee table?  Did you make this?"

"Um, no.  I don't make things.  I got it at an antique store in Castle Rock."

Later she went to the bathroom and came out excited.  "Rachel, did you make your cool jewelry hanger??"

By this point, I was getting a bit exasperated. "Brittany, I told you, I don't make things!!"

A few days later, I went to her apartment on a cold snowy day.  Noah was wearing his owl hat, and the first thing she said when I walked in was,  "That is the cutest hat ever.  Did you--?"  I gave her a warning look, and she stopped herself.  "I know, I know," she continued, "you don't make things!"

Yes, I just knitted this masterpiece on a Sunday afternoon.
This has become a bit of a running joke now.  Rachel doesn't make things.  And it's true, I don't.  I don't have the talent or the patience for crafts.  But I truly admire those who do, and I am fortunate to have a lot of very artistic people in my life who are generous enough to share their talents with me.

I never in a million years thought that my baby would have a cute nursery.  In fact, I kind of always thought the baby would be sleeping in a pack-and-play in the corner.  Fortunately for Noah, his grandmother and my girlfriends intervened to make sure this was not the case.  Sally bought him a darling crib and made all of the matching bedding (quilt, bumpers, sheet, quilt skirt, curtain), and my girlfriends threw me the most insane baby shower ever and gave me all of the decorations to use in my nursery.

I've been meaning to post these pictures for months, but better late than never, I guess...

  ...Welcome to Noah's room!

This wreath is made from the pages of To Kill a Mockingbird--
perfect for our little Noah Atticus!  Thank you, Tiffany!
This white dresser was in my room as a kid.
The apple on the second shelf is made out of a book (another decoration from my baby shower).  Thanks Rozannah!
Pennant banner made of children's books (made by Tiffany for my baby shower)
"My Heavenly Father Loves Me" sign (gift from Briste)
Matryoshka doll (from Ryan's mission in Russia)
A train made of toothpicks and baseball cards (more on that story below!)
A gumball frame (featuring a photo of me and Ryan on the night of our first kiss!)
Creamy the Llama (made by Aunt Sarah and Uncle Logan--this is a family joke)
A topiary made from children's books (made by Deseree for my baby shower)
Ryan first kissed me on the Heber Creeper train.  It was the most perfectly romantic night of my whole life.  The week after that blissful evening, he made me this model train out of toothpicks, baseball cards, and photos.  That was eight years ago, and I still have it.  I thought it was only appropriate to put it in our baby boy's room.
Our watermelon picnic basket has become a blanket basket
Special frames:
Mom and Noah
Dad and Noah
 Grandma Sally (my mom)*
*Noah has two grandmas named Sally
Special, handmade quilts by friends and family
Is Noah loved or what? 
Another baby shower decoration made by Tiffany (seriously, what a friend)--
a vintage Alphabet garland
My Aunt Muriel did this painting for me when I was in the midst of fertility treatments and adoption heartache. She said it was a "fertile image." :)
Ryan and I think the baby looks like Noah (before we cut off his hair).
Cute crib and amazing bedding from Grandma Nielson.
We hadn't even picked the name Noah yet when she made the animal bumpers!
"The animals, they came in, they came in by twosies twosies..."
Does the frame above the crib need to be lower/bigger?  It looks really awkward here, but the ceiling is higher than what is pictured.  Someone with an artistic eye please tell me what to do with it.
The frame features all of my favorite photos from the night Noah was born.
A dear family friend, Robyn Balli, wrote the scripture in calligraphy for me:
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."
Every time I look at these pictures, my heart swells with gratitude for Noah, Katie, and Drew.
The balls hanging from the ceiling are made from books
(you guessed it...another shower decoration!).
I know Laney made at least one of them because she told me how difficult it was for her
(she is craft-challenged like I am, which makes me appreciate her sacrifice all the more).
Ryan bought the glowing globe for $1 at a garage sale
I think the room is really darling, no thanks to me.  I am very lucky to have such talented, loving, giving women in my life.  With his grandmother, his aunts, and his surrogate aunts (my girlfriends), Noah will never want for anything handmade.

Thank goodness some people in his life make things, even if his mother doesn't!!


  1. Noah's room is ADORABLE! Holy cow, I'm loving it! Reese's room is so boring, and chalk full of crap (mostly tons of clothes, boxes, messy).

    The photo above the crib looks fine. I would just add other photos/frames around that frame so it isn't solo. Have you seen the photo walls like that before? It's kinda geometric looking? I think that would work. Just a few smaller frames around (and by a few, I mean like maybe 4 or 5?). Still, so cute. Love it!

  2. Ok, actually, maybe just two photos to the side of it? I don't know, mess around with it and see how it looks, haha:) I'm decoration-ly challenged.

  3. Amazing. Such a darling room. I would LOVE a globe like that! Reminds me of While You Were Sleeping... my favorite!

  4. Oh, fer cute. I love that To Kill a Mockingbird wreath so flippin' much. And the globe too! It's all pretty amazing!

  5. Haha, don't feel bad! I don't make things either. I've never been the naturally crafty type, though I wish I was. What a charming room Noah has! I love all the little touches. I may have to borrow some ideas for my boys' room!


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