Friday, February 17, 2012

Very Romantic

As anyone familiar with the Nielson family knows, Valentines Day is a pretty big deal around our house.

In the week leading up to the big day, we are visited by a Secret Cupid who leaves all sorts of surprises and treats every day.  (For history on how SC became part of our lives, click here.)

This year, Cupid must've been scared off by the insane amount of people that were visiting us for Noah's adoption finalization and sealing--because he didn't show up very often.  He was either too scared or too tired to visit every day (I think it may have been the latter).  But he did show up twice, once on Ryan's behalf and once on Rachel's.

Ryan came home from work to find this sign hanging on the bedroom door...

and when he opened the door, he found a message, spelled with his favorite candy!

Rachel came home the next night to find that SC had decorated the bedroom...

Yes, we have an ugly metal octopus lamp. 

After that, Cupid disappeared.  There was a lot going on, so we didn't mind.  But we are expecting his return next year!!!

Our actual Valentines evening was very romantic.

Ryan got a steamy text message on his way home from work: "Can you stop and get a plunger??  The toilet is clogged and I need to use it!  Hurry please!"

He walked into the apartment bearing sweet Valentines gifts that swept me off my feet.

I then served him a romantic dinner of leftovers (thanks, Ashley!), but at least it was served on heart-shaped plates.

Do I know how to set an attractive table, or what?
We sipped Kool-aid through our heart-shaped straw, and then we played a dice game.  One dice stated an action ("Let's kiss," "Let's hug," "Let's dance," etc.) and the other dice stated a location ("In the bedroom," "In the closet," "On the porch," etc).  Let me assure you, these dice were rated PG.  I got them at the grocery store in the section with all of the seasonal decorations.  They prompted us to do romantic things such as "Let's hug...on the couch."

Happy Valentines Day!

P.S.  I am taking Ryan on a surprise Valentines Day date on Monday, and I am super excited because it is so random.  Can't wait to blog about it.


  1. You always make me smile. Patty-cake in the closet. Only you. :))xo

  2. Hahaha dice. You crack me up Rachel :)

  3. Welcome to parenthood. It only gets worse from here. :)

  4. patty cake in the closet!?! you two are scandalous! ;)
    did Noah join in?. . . he would have loved it!
    p.s. i love you three! what a gorgeous eternal family you are!

  5. if it makes you feel better i ate Chinese with my mom and kiddos. . . put them to bed. . . washed dishes. . . then went to bed! it was such a romantic evening :)

  6. And I got yelled at by some jerk in the post office for taking too long and not knowing how to send a package to Afghanistan at 6:00 on Valentine's Day and then babysat for a friend. Wow - what a stellar holiday. Love the pic of Ry! How romantic :)

  7. Your cupid sign turned out super cute!


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