Sunday, January 11, 2009

A drastic new 'do...

Well, folks, I got my hair chopped off on Friday. I am still a little shocked when I look in the mirror...and even more shocked when I run my hands through my hair in the shower. (Where did it all go??)

My hair has been fairly long or very long since I was about nine, so this was a drastic change for me...but it's a new year...why not have a new 'do?

Let's hope my new haircut looks a little better than it did when I was nine:

We have a very quirky older guy at our church (who sometimes makes the young ladies feel uncomfortable, although he is harmless), and he said to me today, "You look exquisitely beautiful. What did you do differently today?" I said, "Well, I got about seven or eight inches cut off of my hair." He responded, "No, that's not it. I think it's something with your makeup. Are you doing your makeup differently?" At this point I am thinking, Umm...random...why would he notice my makeup? But I responded, "Yeah, I did something different with my makeup--I actually wore some." I had to wear a little makeup for the hair debut, right?!

Here are some photos:

No makeup in this one, taken right after the cut.

Going out to dinner, all spruced up.

Ready for church!
Now that I am at least somewhat used to the haircut, I think I will stop making Ryan take pictures of me posing after I style it each day. It makes me feel a little ridiculous...and quite vain.

My neighbor Mahogany doesn't like my new hairstyle ("WHY, Miss Rachel, WHY??"), but I love hers!

Well...since I got a new haircut on Friday, I guess Ryan figured he may as well get a new injury! He got a horrid sprained ankle while playing basketball with his classmates, and he has been laid up all weekend. If you look very closely at the photo below, you will notice he also got some hot new glasses. I much prefer his new glasses to his new foot injury--I've been waiting on him all weekend!! (Not that I mind, Ryan!)

So, tomorrow, I debut the hair to 130 high school students. I'm somewhat frightened of what they'll have to say...


  1. very cute! and very different, but you definitely pull it off well!

  2. Rachel, I LOVE your hair. It looks really cute on you. I've been wanting to do that too but I'm not sure how it will look on me but it looks great on you. :)

  3. I love your new haircut! It looks all trendy and cute! I hope you love it too! I think you look fabulous! Tell Ry we hope his foot feel better too-poor thing :)

  4. Oh good! I have been wanting a new do too and yours is sort of what I was thinking about. Now I can just print out a pic of you and take it to the girl who cuts my hair. :) I think it looks fantastic! Oh, and if you are like me you will never go back to long hair again!

  5. You have nothing to worry about. The girls will think you look cute, and the boys may not even notice. Truly. Love you!

  6. SEE! I told you it was cute. How could it not be . . . it is like mine. :) By the way, the one for church looks fabulous! Did you use my short hair tips?

  7. What are Laura's short hair tips?
    Oh and on a less selfish note: You look super sassy Rach :) Hair, makeup, clothes and all. I know you are a classy dresser these days but I just haven't seen you in your teacher getup enough to really get used to it.
    Sorry 'bout Ryan, but he doesn't look to bummed, probably because he has a hot wife waiting on him hand and foot.

  8. I love it!! Especially the picture in the neat green soccer jersey! hee hee hee.
    Seriously, though. I love it best in the 2nd picture, where you're in the green/teal sweater. It's scary to chop off your hair, but you chose a great style!

  9. I wanted to tell you Sunday but I didn't get to tell you you looked great. I love the new hair style.


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