Monday, January 12, 2009

Mr. Fat Foot

I was shocked to see Ryan's foot today. He says it feels a lot better, but it sure looks horrible!!

I don't think this photo really does it justice--but if you compare the widths of the actual ankles, you'll probably be able to tell which is swollen! Even the top of his foot is swollen and bruised, randomly enough.

Ouch!! So bruised AND so fat!

And on a happier note, my students LOVED my hair cut!! (Or at least they said they did...) Phew!


  1. Yikes! Logan and I agree that it looks like a really bad sprain!He should take some ibuprofen, elevate it and put ice on it. I know he likes to ignore headaches, etc and not take meds a lot, but ibuprofen is an anti-inflamatory. He should take some. Put some in his mouth and prop that foot up with a bag of ice...whether he likes it or not! And Logan likes your hair. He said, "She thinks she looks like a boy?!?!" like it was the craziest thing he'd ever heard!

  2. Don't worry, Sary, he has been elevating, icing, and IBuprofen-ing all weekend!! He's also been using crutches when he is forced to go somewhere. He says it's feeling a lot better, and he can walk on it now, but he is still taking IB and taking it easy.

  3. That does look horrible! That last picture looks like an image out of a medical text book to illustrate the terms inflamed and ecchymosis.

  4. Looks like a foot I know. Take care of that Ry! As an 'old' lady with a bad ankles, I suggest you really do those strengthening exercises once you consistent, you are going to be on those feet for a lot of years!


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