Thursday, January 1, 2009

It happened in Sun Valley...

Ry and I have spent the last week with his family in Idaho. They are awesome, and it's been so fun to be with them.

His grandparents own a cabin in Sun Valley, Idaho, and it's a family tradition to go to the cabin every December 26th-December 31st. We ski/snowboard, read books or chat around the fire at night, play games, eat delicious meals prepared by his amazing mother, and just bond as a family.

This week, I told Ryan that I love Sun Valley because I fell in love with him here. It's true! After we'd been dating for about six months, we went to the cabin with his family; it was the first time I had ever met them, and after a fun-filled weekend, I knew I wanted to become a Nielson! On the drive back from Sun Valley to Provo, Ry and I talked openly about getting married for the first time.

A year later, Ryan and I went to the cabin for our honeymoon. I have fond memories of sleeping in late, listening to his grandpa's Nat King Cole CD on the cabin's speakers as we ate leisurely breakfasts, finally making it to the ski hill about 11:00, and then snuggling on ski lifts and cruising down the hill for a few hours each day. Ry patiently taught me how to snowboard (I am terrible!), made me peanut butter shakes every night, and, in the process, convinced me that I had definitely made the right choice in marrying him!! :)

Now, every Christmas that we celebrate with his family, we are up at the cabin for our anniversary. It's fun to go out to dinner in Sun Valley and reminisce about our first week of marriage and all the great times that we've had since.

On December 28th this year, we celebrated three years of marriage!! Hooray!


  1. happy anniversary! has it really been three years?! how time does fly!
    glad you're enjoying your break.

  2. Cute pictures! It was so fun to see you for an afternoon, even if it was a bit of a fiasco! :) I love you! (Oh, and by the way, I think Logan is going to kill you if you keep calling Callum "Callie.") xoxo


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