Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Old Joera

Ryan is in love with another woman. Her name is Joera. I think she lives somewhere in India.

This affair began 90 minutes ago, when he dialed up the Net 10 cell phone company's customer service line for the twentieth time this month. He was connected with Joera. Like all the other representatives he has spoken to/yelled at, Joera had a thick accent and robotic responses to all of his questions. But unlike all of the other representatives he has spoken to/yelled at, Joera actually knew what she was doing.

So instead of shouting at her in exasperation, he was shouting for joy. Sitting in the other room, I heard random outbursts of, "Joera, it's working!" and "CODE ACCEPTED!!" (Yes, he was actually calling her by name, and she was calling him 'Mr. Ryan' in response. It was kinda cute.)

I don't think Joera the Great really knew how to respond to her exuberant, American admirer. At the end of the call, Ryan informed her that, if he was in the same room as her, he would "probably give her a hug."

The poor woman was completely flabbergasted--and speechless. I spoke up and said, "Ryan, don't be creepy."

Oh, Joera. We love you so.


  1. hahahaha! Ryan! I love reading these things about Ryan because he's so funny and I haven't gotten to see this side of him for awhile (we never hang out) Also...I know i've told you before but let me praise you again...You are such a good writer. This stuff happens to me all the time and I could never make it sound this interesting. If I blogged about this it would be laughed at!

  2. I love the image of Ry freaking out some Indian lady by telling her he wants to hug her. You have had some very amusing posts lately!

  3. I laughed at loud at this post. The lady must have been so shocked!!! I miss you guys! Love ya.

  4. hahahahaha!! I LOVE this post the most. So funny.

  5. Wow-zaa, I really thought Ryan had the whole package when he married you Rach - - glad the competition lives on the other side of the planet and speaks robotically. I guess you should brush up on your cell phone literacy ;)


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