Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm guessing my students weren't expecting to see this when they walked into English class yesterday...

"Happy Halloween!!!"

The staff at our school picked "Clowns" as the theme for our costumes this year.  Yes, it was with the intent to freak out the students.  I think it worked.

My mom made that clown suit in the 1990s, and she wore it every single year for Halloween.  It's been collecting dust in the costume closet at home for the past six years, so I asked my dad to send it to me when I found out our staff theme.  I'm glad to report that we made VERY good use of the clown suit this year.  Ryan even made an appearance in it for our church Halloween party on Wednesday night:

And of course, Miss Deborah got in on the clown action with us:

After spending an entire school day in that hideous outfit, I decided I wanted to dress up as something different for the costume party we attended last night.  Spur of the moment, Ry and I created Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter costumes.  I had actually thought ahead and gotten the stuff for Alice, but Ryan's costume was truly a 15-minutes-before decision.  He is a good artist, and he can always create costume pieces in a flash, and I am so impressed that he created his Mad Hatter cap in a matter of minutes.  Of course, at the time, I was actually annoyed because he was making us late to the party (he got a lecture about planning ahead which I'm sure he did not appreciate), but all of my annoyance disappeared when we WON THE COSTUME CONTEST!  Hurrah!  Win Rachel a caramel apple, and she will forget all grudges and love you forever!!

We were not even close to the cutest people at the party.  Check out my favorite little baby, dressed as a hot tamale:

I am obsessed with her and wish she was my daughter!!

Anyway, Halloween is fun!  Fall is fun!  Last night, when I got home from school, the weather was temperate and perfect, the yellow leaves were falling, and the sun was setting.  I wanted a better view, so Ry and I climbed up on our roof.  (It is very easy to get onto from our porch balcony.)  We sat on top of the world and enjoyed a serene autumn scene.

It probably would've been very romantic...if I wasn't wearing creepy clown makeup.  Umm, yeah.  Sorta ruins the moment.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Awesome costumes! I think Ryan's was worth being late! You guys look great.

  2. I LOVE RYAN! He is a fabulous clown, and I can't believe he made that costume is fifteen minutes. You two look great. Wish we could hang out with you guys tonight.

  3. You guys are AWESOME!! I am so impressed. We are so boring and didn't dress up OR carve our pumpkin. But we still might cook our pumpkin! That would be something, anyway ...

  4. You are such a dork! Your students must have thought you were crazy! I love Ry with that pillow stuffed into that costume! And awesome Mad Hatter hat! That little red chili pepper is killer! But, excuse me, your FAVORITE baby?!?!? We are in a fight.

  5. I said my favorite LITTLE baby. Callum is not little!

  6. As soon as I saw that pic of you in your clown costume I thought of your mom! I remember her wearing that a million times. Awesome!! Love all the pics!

  7. You're a doll as a clown but even a cuter Alice! You and Ryan are great!!! HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!

  8. hahahah!!! That tamale is killing me. That is PRICELESS!! Someday when I have a baby, it will be a tamale with a mustache. Amazing.

    PS- You are the cutest Alice and Ryan is amazing at putting together 15 minute costumes, and that clown suit is AWESOME! Especially the wig because it reminds me of the 80's ish. Haha:)

  9. Ryan is quite terrifying in that costume! Looks like you guys had fun!


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