Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can it be??

The layers of ice caked on our driveway have almost melted away.
The coat that I wore to school this morning went unworn as I left school this afternoon.
The forecast on predicts temperatures over 40 for the next ten days.

The city of Buffalo is releasing a collective sigh of relief.

It appears that winter (or the worst of it) is over for this year.

I am not a winter wimp. I am from Denver, Colorado, and I went to school in Provo Utah--both snowy, cold places. But Buffalo winter has been an entirely new experience for me. Five months of endless gray, freezing winds, and icy driveway is a little much for me. It honestly starts to make me feel depressed.

I am so--and I mean SO--happy that Spring is almost here.

I plan to do the following as often as possible:
-go for after-school runs (Sure beats a treadmill.)
-wear my comfy, summery dresses (Sure beats pants and a sweater.)
-ride my red bike to the grocery store (Sure beats wasting gas.)

It may not be sunny and warm yet...but it sure feels a lot closer than it did last week.


  1. I hear ya! Saint Louis winters are nothing like Buffalo winters, but they are still gray and depressing. I love that you're rejoicing that it's 40. Today is was almost 70 here! I am in shock, and in HEAVEN!

  2. It's so funny that weather in the upper 40s is heavenly in places like Buffalo (and Madison-I remember how it is) but in San Diego, if the high is 57 and windy (today) we are FREEZING!!!!

  3. I'm so excited about the weather too!! Funny how anything above 30 we consider "nice"

  4. pinch me. . .
    i am dying too!
    dying of happiness :)

    spring is in the air and i am SUPER excited about it :)

    here, here! to burning our coats and breaking out the bermuda shorts and flip floppies! :)


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