Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Habitual Mishap

I am a girl who just does not like vegetables. Period. I've tried to convince myself does not work. Vegetables make me gag.

I do, however, know that vegetables are important to your health. And since I am also trying to convince myself to care about my health, I've attempted to come up with clever ways to "disguise" my vegetables in the foods that I eat. For this reason, a good friend of mine gave me the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook, and I was shocked to see that you can put cooked, pureed carrots in fruit smoothies. I tried it, and guess what...

I couldn't even taste them!


So, I've taken to cooking and pureeing carrots in my free time.

There's only one problem with this new-found hobby: I am easily distracted and always forget that the carrots are on the stove steaming.

Twice now, I have come out of the bedroom (where I was doing something incredibly productive such as blogging) and thought, "What's that smell?" And then, with horror, remembered that over an hour before, I had put the carrots on the stove to steam with just a little bit of water.

Yeah, ruined the pan. Ruined the carrots too.


Currently, Ryan and I have NO saucepans because I have ruined all of them through my carrot-steaming mishaps.

This is what happened last night:

I think I am going to ask for one of these for my birthday. It has a timer and turns off by itself.

Again I say, hallelujah!


  1. My overly sensitive smoke detector would have had a hay day! I seriously have to take it down every time I bake anything. Just opening the oven sets it off (and this is with out burning anything!) I'm sorry about your pans.. I'd say a timed steamer is a great idea.

  2. hahahahahahaha!! Oh man. The "damn" part just...yes. hahahahahah! I love you Rachel. You are FUNNY....and I think your puree carrots is muy genius!

  3. SO funny. Yeah, my smoke detector would have had a hey Day as well. Like it did the other day when I was cooking rice but had to go upstairs for a few minutes to comfort Max. Damn!

  4. You and your superfluous damns. :) I'm not a veggie fan either. And hey, that steamer will be great for making baby food someday as well!

  5. My smoke detector DOES have a hey day--but only after I open the apartment door to let out the stench. We have plastic insulation over our windows, so I can't open those...

    I finally just took the battery out of the smoke detector last night.

  6. Wow, we have a lot in common. I have the same feeling toward vegtables. I try to get them through V8 at times...

    I fully approve of the use of the explitive! Perfect usage! :)

  7. GOOD for you for trying to get the carrots in!
    SO worth the destroyed pot(s)! ;)

    i have never used a steamer. . . except for rice. . . hmmm. . . sounds nice!
    maybe it would be a good option. . . but then again. . . the smoke detector DOES need to be checked from time to time. . . just to see if it needs new batteries :)
    so you have some hefty options to weigh here dear!

    i just LOVE your posts. . . they never cease to make me smile!
    and good for you. . . you said Damn! ha! ;)

  8. What does it say about me that I barely even registered the "damn" until several commenters mentioned it. You're going to have to swear much more vigorously to get my attention, apparently.

    Anyway, I burned veggies, pans and counters (taking the scorched pan off the stove) many many times before I bought a Pampered Chef steamer for my microwave. Cooks my veggies perfectly. And now I only burn rice. (Which is silly, because according to this thing here, I can also use it to cook rice. Why did that never occur to me?)

  9. Sick nast, Rach. I can't believe you ruined all your pans. You asking for one of those for your birthday too?

  10. Wow! That is pretty funny. We steam veggies over a pan too, but we always put a ton of water because we are too spacey to remember to take the pan off!

  11. That is pretty funny. You need to talk to Alaska, Amy Reesor just moved and left a bunch of stuff(including pots/pans) at Alaska's house pretty sure she would be happy to pass them on to you:)


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