Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Blogger/Dancer

Rach:  My friend Celeste recently wrote a blog post with her husband, like as a conversation.  I thought it was funny, so I proposed the idea to Ryan.  He seemed less excited about it than I.  Ryan is skeptical of blogs and has never written on one.  But I must tell you, though he wouldn't want me to, that he was browsing my friends' blogs tonight. I think he liked it.  

Anyway, as is my habit, I mentioned it enough times that he reluctantly gave in.  So with no further adieu, I would like to welcome Ryan to his first ever blog post!!!!!!!

Uh, come over here, Ryan.  Stop watching CNN.

Still waiting...

Ryan has now joined me on the bed with his laptop, but his eyes continue to be glued to CNN.

Ry: Well, I can't stop watching clips of people surfing the Snake River in Wyoming, can I?  It feels great to be participating in my first ever blog post.  I hope I don't get hooked.

Rach: Surfing blogs is way cooler than surfing on a river.  But you wouldn't know anything about surfing blogs.  wink, wink

Ry: Now she's getting witty with the English Teacher pun skills.  I'm sure this back and forth blogging will prevent us from pulling the brownies out of the oven on time.  Rachel turns murderous if they don't come out just right...especially at midnight.

Rach:  Okay, people are getting bored.  Let's get to the point here.

Ry: Sure. The point of this post is to celebrate me finishing the Part II Dental Boards Exam today. The celebration may end in two weeks when I get the results back--but hopefully not.

Rach:  I checked the brownies, and they are fine.  Can I tell them about your dance?

Ry:  Uh, yes. But I think the other point of this post may be for me to experience the great thrill and wonderment of writing about myself and then waiting with baited breath for people to comment.

Rach:  I'm going to pretend like that wasn't a personal attack.  Go ahead--tell them about the dance, then.

Ry: All I remember is that when I walked out of the testing center, dance music was playing in the hall, and my wife had a hot BBQ lunch waiting for me.

Rach:  And that's all you remember?

Ry: Nope.  I remember enjoying the BBQ brisket and the pulled pork.  I felt freed to be done with the two-day test and one step closer to seeing DMD after my name.  I then realized that I hadn't visited the latrine in 4 hours, so I strolled down the hall to the restroom.

Rach:  "Strolled" is a loosely used term there, I think.  Here, I will show them:

Ry: What--that's my happy walk.  Don't act like you've never seen those moves before.

Rach:  Oh I've seen them, but I doubt the rest of the world has until tonight.
Ry: Well, I see it's 12:20, and we still have the aroma of fresh baked goods floating through the apartment.  I don't care if the world sees my sweet moves as long as I get a brownie and go to bed as soon as possible.  I'll dream that the clip goes viral on youtube tonight.

Rach:  The next Justin Bieber--but of dance.

Ry: Uh...can we be done now?

Rach:  Yes.  You've done well.

Ry: I don't feel any special craving to do this again, but maybe when I get that first comment or two...

Rach:  I bet I'll see you checking the blog every fifteen minutes tomorrow.  You know he will. 


  1. All I can say is, I love Ry! What a classic dance.

  2. Haha. My favorite was his personal attack on how you thrill about writing about yourself and wait with baited breath for comments. :)

  3. I know. I am a loser. But doesn't everyone like comments on his/her blog?

    The sad thing is, it's usually only my sisters who comment! I really AM a loser! HA!

  4. You two crack me up. I'm not sure which is funnier, the dance or the banter. Awesome!

  5. (This is Sarah's friend from StL)I love this post!!! I could see my Ryan acting the same--not completely thrilled but willing to do it if it meant I'd stop bugging him about it. And I LOVE those white boy dance moves. We should put your Ryan and my Ryan on a stage together. That could be frightening!

  6. NIELS! Actually, no, Ry! LOVE, love, love your moves. I, too, fancy myself a dancer. ; ) And congrats!!!

  7. I realize I don't know Ryan at all (we met him in Legends Grille one time, I think), but for whatever reason, I had it in my head he was a little SHY...not the kind to go goofy dancing down the hall to the "latrine." I'm surprised, impressed with the moves (of course), and happy for you both that the schooling thing is almost done. We just finished in May and it IS sweet.

  8. Ryan IS shy and quiet--that's why this is funny. He must have been REALLY excited in order to be inspired to bust out those moves. He is usually quite reserved in public places. :) (But he is always a goofball around me, which I love.)

  9. LOVE IT!!! HI-LAR-I-OUS!!! How clever you two are! Man, Ry...you've got the moves! But it was a manly man's dance with your basketball shorts...don't worry! And you know you love comments!! Rach, I'm a nerd too but c'mon who DOESN'T love comments! Great post!

  10. HA! Love this post. Also, I love your blog and am glad you found mine. I'll answer your questions here since it'll be easier for you than going back and checking my blog.

    We're doing well, still in Provo but moving to Iowa in 2 days! Rich is starting a PhD program there. Lori is in NYC working for an awesome ad agency in Manhattan (yes, her life should be a romantic comedy). She is doing well, still single but has a bf. Her blog is: http://haveyourselfapicnic.blogspot.com/

  11. Ha! I hope you can see the same dance in two weeks with the results of the test.

  12. Justin Bieber's looks got nothin on your moves. I'd vote for you. :)
    (This is from Chelsea)

  13. Okay, as as brand new mother (really, he was born on Monday), who is sleep deprived because her baby wants to eat every hour, I truly enjoyed the post. The video was my favorite. If I knew how I would go vote on it on Youtube. So thanks for bringing some joy into my tired tired life.

  14. I love the moves - I just have to show it to Joe so maybe he can learn a thing or two!! Dance party next time the four of us are together!! haha.

    Oh, and congrats on being done with the exam!!

    And one more thing ... I haven't really checked any blogs for the past month or so since I've been busy and distracted, but I still check yours every so often cuz it's my favorite! :) Love you.


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