Sunday, August 29, 2010

One week from tomorrow, I will again be teaching English to a room full of teenagers.

I have to admit it, I am dreading it.

Don't get me wrong, I like my job; I just like relaxing too.  And my job and relaxing do not coincide.  So every year as the summer ends, I have to steel myself for nine months of hard work.

As a final summer hurrah, Ryan and I went on a little road trip this weekend (more on that later).  We camped Saturday night, and we were about an hour from the nearest church.  I had a bit of an internal dilemma: Should we get up and go to church?  Or should we just sleep in and take it easy in the morning?

In the end, I was a good little girl, and I decided that we should try to make it to church. 

We got up early (well, early for my summer schedule), packed up the camp site, and got ready to go.  Amazingly, we were right on schedule.

We hopped in the car, Ryan turned the key, and...


We looked at each other with wide eyes, and he turned the key again.


Yup, dead battery.

Well that's just great.  

So Ryan found someone to give us a jump, and after we got all of that resolved, we were running twenty minutes late.

Considering that the entire point of going to church is to be there for the Sacrament, I put the pedal to the metal while Ryan changed into his church clothes in the seat beside me.

We were cruising through the beautiful green farmlands of western New York, when suddenly I saw this behind me...

Imagine this sight, except in broad daylight with rolling green fields in the background.

I was not happy.

In a lame attempt for mercy, I explained to the officer that I was just trying to get us to church on time.

Turns out, he must not go to church or love God at all.  He gave me a big fat ticket and told me to have a nice Sunday.

Maybe I should've stayed asleep in my tent! :)


  1. oh man!
    that is the pits.
    nothing like a dead battery and ticket to ruin your day. . . let alone your Sunday!

    but guess what?
    you will be blessed times over for it anyway!

  2. I must say I admire you for going to church after spending the night camping! Sorry about the ticket :(

  3. Awwww, that stinks! Trying to do good and getting "punished" for it. :( Maybe you should have explained that you were texting and speeding and your husband told you to watch out for the cop car but you weren't paying attention.... :) Works for some I guess!

  4. Just think of your ticket as an indulgence, purchased to redeem the sin of sleeping through church on some future occasion(s). You pick the date!

    Hmmm ... why does that suddenly make speeding seem like a good idea. I could use a sleepy Sunday.

  5. UGH! AND, you forgot to mention that moment when you see the lights behind you and your stomach drops and you can't swallow for a minute because your body's tightened up with the anxiety of that first moment you're aware that YOU are getting pulled over. Sheesh. Sorry, Rach. I hope you had fun camping, though.

  6. Rotten luck! At least you don't have a full load this year.

  7. I just can't believe you guys got up to go to church. You are WAY more diligent than Sam and me. We would have stayed right in our tent. :)


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