Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dad vs. Mom

Ryan has big plans for his son.  He wants him to be an athlete, and he is starting his training early.  Every time I turn around, Noah has a different kind of ball with him--all strategically placed by his father.  The best part is I never see Ryan giving Noah these balls.  They just show up in his crib, his car seat, his swing, and the Bumbo.  It makes me laugh.

Look closely under his left elbow.
Mom, on the other hand, wants Noah to be a good helper, and she has already started her training.  Last weekend, she and Aunt Laura took him shoe shopping at DSW and expected him to follow behind them and carry all of the different options (the job of a guy, right?).  

Boxes and shoes in his lap AND on the front of the stroller
Thanks for holding those boxes tight, Sweet Pea!
Noah seems to like sports more than shoes.  He was willing to help us shop for about fifteen minutes before he got fussy and started whining to go home.  Typical male.


  1. Hahaha! I love the "product placement" that Ryan is using!

  2. Funny post. Doubt he'd last much longer at a sports game, though!

  3. Ok that is hilarious. You guys crack me up.

  4. Hilarious and true. I've seen it first hand.


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