Sunday, October 2, 2011


A few weeks ago, Ryan, Noah and I road tripped to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit the Cardons, some of our best friends from dental school.  It was too much fun.

"Aunt Tiffany" and "Uncle Creed" were so excited to meet Noah, as was their daughter Madi.  She gave him this huge gift.

 The first night, we walked around Old Towne a bit and then went to a delicious New Mexican restaurant.  Creed and Ryan looks great in these hats, don't you think?

One night, Tiff insisted that we do a craft.  Since  I love crafts almost as much as I love board games,  I jumped at the chance.  Our friend Crescent, whose husband is also a UB Dental grad, joined us, and it was great to see her!  

Tiff and I did a lot of what we do best: EATING.  I love this girl, and I think we both look so lovely in this photo.

The highlight of the weekend was a beautiful hike to a place called "Tent Rocks."  It was Noah's first hike, and he loved it!

The guys carried the babies, thank heaven.


We had a little too much fun taking these "Pride Rock" photos.  We were all laughing and singing "The Circle of Life."

Ryan had to get back to Denver to work, so he drove home, and I stayed a few more days.  Tiff and I hung out during the day with our kids, and at night, we went out on the town together, just like the old days--shopping and to dinner one night and then to a movie the next.  It was wonderful!  I miss my kindred spirits from our years in Buffalo.  

Noah took his first plane trip to get home.  He was an angel and slept the entire way.  



  1. Noah is killing me in that Moby. The pic of him facing out with Ryan? Cutest! And if I got to sit next to a baby like that on a plane, I would be dying the entire time from wanting to kiss his fat little face.

  2. I'm so glad you're starting out teaching Noah about the important things, like hiking! I really liked those hiking pictures. :D

  3. You are so lucky to get him a seat on the plane! Love the hiking pics!


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