Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sleepy Baby

I just have to report that this little angel...

...started sleeping through the night this week!

He's been sleeping a little longer each day, and it is currently 8:00 a.m. and he is still not awake.  I AM AMAZED.  In fact, though I am alone, I keep saying to myself (out loud), "He is amazing!" And then a few minutes later, I'll say (again out loud), "He is the best baby ever!"

He really is the best baby ever.  He is nine weeks old now, and I feel like it must be the magic number because he has seemed so much happier and more content this past week.  He was a fairly fussy newborn, but this week he is all smiles and coos.  Must be all that sleep he is getting!

Have I mentioned I adore him?

When he was one week old, before we left Utah to bring him home, my good friend Molly Hunter took some pictures of him.  Molly is a photography student at BYU (she is in her last semester), and she is amazingly talented.  Not only is she amazingly talented, she's also amazingly cool and easy to work with.  If you are in Utah, I highly recommend her for any of your photo needs.  (As a side note, I got to know Molly when she volunteered at the orphanage in El Salvador and took gorgeous photos of the kids.)

I LOVE the way these pics turned out of my sleepy little guy.  I can't decide which images are cutest--so I am tempted to just frame them all!  But since that might be a little much, please tell me which photos you think are best.  I need input!

This is the blanket my mom made before she passed away.
I love this pic!

He's my little Noah Snugett.  Love these wittle feet.  


  1. Sleep helps babies AND parents turn into new people! :) Love you all!

  2. Love sleepy babies! Those pics are great. So happy for you that he is sleeping through the night. :)

  3. Seeing that blanket makes me cry. So happy you have that from your mom! Noah is stinking adorable! Great pictures and that is amazing he is already sleeping through the night! Makes a world of a difference!!! :)

  4. I like pictures 3, 4, 5, and 7 best. But they're all so cute!

  5. I like the yellow backgrounds. It seems to be a good color on the little fellow.

    Also, I got the tie from

    Happy shopping :)

  6. Gack!! I love him! And yay for him sleeping through the night! I was SO hoping that Clara would sleep through the night earlier than she has. But we had to do sleep training with her and let her "cry it out" because eventually she got to the point where she was waking up 4-5 times a night and that was no good for any of us. Even with the sleep training she was getting up once a night, but it has been SO nice this week that she has started sleeping all the way through. I'm hoping that she keeps it up.

    About your photographer friend - I am going to have to contact her and see if she is going to be in Utah just after Christmas and would be interested in taking photos of us when Clara is sealed to us. Kayli will be there and I want to get some really nice pics.

    I miss our emails. Remember that time in our lives when we were both so angsty? Thanks for being my friend.

  7. Dearest Noah,

    Please send Charlie some of your "sleeping through the night" vibes. His mama is very, very tired.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite is the top; the composition and bokeh are lovely! My second favorite is the classic mohawk shot. I'd love to see that one done in B/W so the background is less prominent, it would make it more fun for framing. She did a lovely job!

    I'm going to Utah in December for... I don't know how long. I'll be doing birth portraits for a set of twins expected sometime around the middle of the month (but who knows when they will realy arrive, right?) and I might spend Christmas out there too. My family is... complicated. I think I might actually be spending Thanksgiving alone with my pets. I like my pretend Utah family (my best friend's family) a lot better than my real one alot of the time. I've thought about moving there alot. The only problem is, there are so many wonderful, skilled photographers out there I just don't think I could earn a living if I moved there, even for school. Everytime I go out there I advertise sessions for about a quarter of my regular prices and at most I have booked 2, usually referrals, no new people. (I like new people :) I usually try and give away bridal sessions at the Temple too, and I can't even give them away! (Head in hands) I want to do Temple weddings so bad and I just can't get into them. At least not in Utah. I AM shooting another- my THIRD at the DC Temple December 30th! :D Which is crazy considering I live in California! LOL I've only shot at the Sac Temple once but at the DC Temple 3 times??? And I just gave out a quote for a 4th! LOL

    (This is turning into a random update)

    I got to shoot an adoption at the courthouse a couple weeks back too. I cried like a baby through the whole thing, it was wonderful! I was thinking about you guys and Paul and Amy the whole time! :)

    CONGRATULATIONS on a full nights sleep, I hope he keeps it up!!! :D

  9. All cute, but especially love the "smiling" sleepy one

  10. I love the B/W yawning one, myself. The first time James slept through the night, we kept waiting for the other shoe to drop the next night. He slept through again. And again. Then the fourth night, he woke up. Take it a night at a time!


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