Friday, December 23, 2011

Cole and Sara's Wedding (also known as Noah's second wedding)

I am insanely behind on blogging.  It's a little overwhelming.  I have a long list of posts that I want to write, and I don't really know where to begin, but I decided I definitely need to blog about Thanksgiving before Christmas arrives!

In November, Noah and I spent another ten days in Utah and Idaho with Ryan's family.  What are the chances that two of Ryan's brothers would get married in the first four months of Noah's life? It has been a year of family celebrations, that's for sure!  Ryan's younger brother Cole got married the weekend before Thanksgiving, so we just stuck around for the following week and the holiday weekend.  So fun.

The happy couple at their rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding.  Love these two.

Congrats, Sara and Cole!

Noah was the youngest (and cutest) guest at the fancy occasion.  He made quite a splash in his sweater vest.   I think he looks like a little old man in these pics...either that or Radcliff, the villain from Pocahontas (tiny head, huge body).  Oh I just want to squeeze him.

And check out his shoes.  Seriously??  Thanks to Drew's mom who gave Noah the entire outfit.

Noah with his girlfriend, Aunt Ashley
Ryan had to work on the day of the rehearsal dinner, so we didn't think he was going to make it to Salt Lake in time.  He got done with work a little early and went straight to the airport to see if they had any seats available on an earlier flight.  He got the last standby seat and made it to the dinner just in time to hear the toasts and to share in the memories of Cole and Sara.  Though underdressed, he was so happy to be there.

The Brothers + Noah
The next day, we attended Cole and Sara's beautiful wedding ceremony in the Salt Lake City temple.  Here they are coming out, a married couple, to greet their waiting guests. :)

These next photos were taken a few weeks previously when the weather was better (which was a really smart idea because it was freezing on the day of their wedding!).  Are they a good looking couple, or what?

They had a lovely reception that evening.  I'm sorry I don't have more photos from the entire day...I find that my photos center around one person lately.  I'll let you guess whom.

The Groom
The Grandma

The Flowers

"Those smell good!"
The Siblings
The Mother of the Groom dance
Guess who came to the reception?  We got to see Katie several times while we were in Utah, and we also got to see Drew for an afternoon when he was home for his college break.

The day after the reception, Gordon (Ryan's dad) treated the family to a decadent brunch at The Grand America hotel.  Even the newlyweds couldn't resist this opportunity to pig out, so they showed up for a few minutes to eat and chat with the fam before heading off for their honeymoon.

Noah's sweater vest made an encore appearance..

I can't take the cuteness.
I love the matching cowlicks in this photo.
Noah loves Grandma.
...but then he had a blowout, so his vest became a "wife beater" tank. :)

So happy with Uncle T!
I just have to include this next photo because it's so classic.  Gordon loves "slap stick" humor and laughs to the point of tears at The Three Stooges and other such ridiculousness.  This is what happened when Ashley showed Gordon a YouTube clip during breakfast:

He was laughing so hard that the rest of us gathered around to see what was so funny.  The clip wasn't that funny--but Gordon's laugh sure was!

After the festivities in Utah, we headed to Idaho for a week of family fun.  I can't believe I don't have any photos of the Thanksgiving feast, but let me assure you that it was delicious.  Sally is an amazing cook, and she goes all out on holidays.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Sally hosted an open house in Idaho for Sara and Cole, and I finally got a photo of Noah with the bride and groom!

Ashley made all of Noah's little ties.  This is one of my favorites:

It was a great couple of weeks!!  We are so happy for Sara and Cole, and we were so grateful to spend Thanksgiving week with our wonderful family.


  1. Oh Rachel, Noah is looking SO cute and happy and fun! What a great kid. Any chance you are going to be in Utah again during this last week of December?

  2. RACHEL! You are KILLING ME with this kid's wardrobe! He is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it.

    Everyone else is cute, too. :)

  3. I must say that I enjoyed a lot having a look at Cole and Sara's Wedding pictures. It turned out to be super fun for everyone. At some local Seattle Wedding venues we are going to attend an Oscar inspired grand wedding reception. I bet that it will also be fun. Can’t wait for this grand reception!


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