Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kids Make Me Laugh

A few months ago, I bought some wrapping paper from a neighborhood girl for her school fundraiser.  After I wrote the check, I completely forgot about it.  But just now, there was a knock on the door, and I opened it to this same little girl who had come to deliver my gift wrap.  She was wearing the most ginormous neon orange sunglasses I have ever seen.  Seriously, these things were as big as her face.  I couldn't help but grin, considering it is dusk right now (not at all sunny), and it is 20 degrees outside.

"Did you make lots of money for your fundraiser?" I asked.

"Yup!"  She nodded enthusiastically, and her sunglasses bounced up and down on her nose.

"Did you get lots of cool prizes?"

"Uh huh.  These sunglasses are one of them!" she said proudly.

"Really?  I wouldn't have guessed that!" I said very seriously.

As she walked away, I thought about calling her back to take her picture, but I thought that might be a little creepy.

I love little kids.  They are too funny.


  1. Was it Caroline Casper? That sounds just like something she would do....I miss her!

  2. I thought the exact same thing about Caroline!!

  3. get out of town. . . i love this girl!
    hey. . . maybe next time she has a fundraiser i will have to buy something. . . cuz my line of accessories could really use an awesome pair of HUGE orange sunglasses. :)


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