Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy (very belated) Thanksgiving from the Nielsons!

(Yes, I realize it is December 8th...that's just the way we roll around here.)

Cute family photo...
with a nice green plastic thing in the background. Awesome!
I almost ate him for Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanks to my big sister for always making Noah festive outfits to wear.  (I somehow missed out on the crafty, seamstress genes in my family.)  Did you know she regularly contributes to a blog called Craft Quickies which features 30-minute crafts for busy moms?  She is awesome.  This turkey shirt took longer than thirty minutes, so it's featured on a different blog.  Go here for the tutorial if you are interested.

I love this little turkey!
More on the holiday weekend in a future post!

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