Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sharing family love (and germs) at Thanksgiving

We spent the long Thanksgiving weekend at my dad's house.  My older sister and her family live with him, and my little sister and her husband were in town for the holiday, so we decided that we couldn't miss out on all the fun and excitement--so we stayed there too.

Turns out the "fun and excitement" included a stomach flu epidemic that got every single member of the family (including the babies!), but we survived and still managed to have a great time together.  And I will say that having the stomach flu added another level of gratitude to my Thanksgiving week: nothing makes me as grateful for my health as having the stomach flu.  I don't even realize what a blessing my health is until I am moaning on the couch with a trashcan next to me, just in case.  (Sorry for the details.)

Fortunately, the flu bug didn't hit until a few days after the feast at Grammy's (my favorite meal of the year).  The Old People were thrilled to have all of their great grandkids in town this year, and we managed to get a photo of them literally buried in kids and babies.

9 boys, 1 girl, and another girl on the way
Well, at least Granny and Grampy are looking at the camera.
Other highlights of the weekend included:

*Hanging out with Miss Jade.  (Noah's favorite thing in the world is to steal her pacifier and try to stick it back in her mouth.  She is an amazingly good sport about it.)

*Hanging out with Cousin Callum.

Twins, thanks to Aunt Sarah!
Amused by watching Ryan jump on the trampoline behind me
Snuggling while watching "How to Train Your Dragon."
*Hanging out with Aunts and Uncles.

Uncle Sam has a real thing for Jade...and you can't really blame him!
Talking on the phone to Aunt Sarah.
Cute video here. 
Getting a little work done with Uncle Logan
*Hanging out with Bapa.

An early Christmas present from Bapa: Firetruck!

Putting up the Christmas tree
I am very grateful for my family.  And I'm grateful for the two years that we've had to be close to them. It is fun to witness how much they love Noah and how much Noah loves them.  I have so many reasons to give thanks!


  1. I may or may not know where the stomach bug came from. But I'm not telling!

  2. That bug came from the Allen household. It is MIRACULOUS that G&G didn't get it! If they had gotten it bad like you and Jade it could have been very dangerous!


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