Tuesday, March 18, 2014

15 Classic Noah Quotes

Tonight, I want to write a post about Noah because he is my happy place.  He makes me laugh every single day.  Read some of the quotes below, and I think you will see why.  (And if you really want to humor me, tell me in the comments which quotes are your favorite!)

1. One day I said to Noah, "You are my little, tiny best friend."  And he responded, "You are too, Mommy...but you're not little, tiny...you're a big lady!"

2. When I was lying on my bed feeling nauseated a few weeks ago, Noah grabbed onto my backside and hoisted himself up next to me while saying, "Don't worry, Mommy--I'm only grabbing your buns so I can get up here."

3. Noah has a flair for the dramatic.  He recently said to me, "I'm starving, Mommy!  I mean I am really, really starving!" Then he grabbed onto his stomach and sort of keeled over for effect.  When he could see he had my attention, he said, "I need some marshmallows."

4.  Another example of his dramatic phraseology: When he had something stuck in his teeth, he came to me and said, "This tooth is bother-ling me, Mommy.  It's actually killing me!"

5. While looking through an album of photos of himself, he kept saying, "Look at that cute boy!  Awww, he's so cute."  Glad he's got confidence. :)

6.  When we were at the park recently, a random mom was calling to her son, trying to lure him over to eat lunch.  She was saying, "Lucas, come over here!  I have crackers!"  At the mention of the word "crackers," Noah perked up and said, "Oooh...if that boy won't go over there, maybe I should!"

7.  While playing with three apple slices at dinner tonight and talking animatedly to himself (I swear, the boy turns everything into a toy), Noah pushed them together and said, "Family squeeze!!!"  Cutest.

8.  The other evening, Ryan made the bath water a little too hot, and Noah acted like he had been scalded for life.  (It was literally just a tad too hot, but, as I said before, Noah enjoys a dramatic scene.)  I explained to him that Mommy and Daddy do their very best to take good care of him, but sometimes even we make mistakes.  He put both of his hands out dramatically to make his point and declared, "But now Daddy has spoiled everything!!"  

9.  When we went to church in Sun Valley while on vacation, Noah walked into the nursery room like he owned the place and said, "So do you guys have good toys here??"

10.  As I was rushing around the other morning, desperately trying to get us to a doctor appointment on time (story of my life), I said to Noah, "Your mom is a wreck, Noah!"  He looked at me very seriously and said, "Yes, you are, Mama.  You are the wreck."

11.  Noah has a slight fascination with Thomas the Train, which means he has picked up on some British words, and whenever he gets frustrated or upset lately, he says, "Oh I'm so cross!"

12.  On Sunday, Ryan was getting ready for church and came out of the closet looking for his dress pants.  He was wearing a white collared shirt and his underwear, and Noah looked up from the toy he was playing with and said, "Dad!  You're lookin' good!"

13.  Noah asks to wear his sunglasses everywhere, and he doesn't seem to notice that he always puts them on upside down and totally askew.  The other day, he insisted on wearing them into the allergist's office (upside down, of course), and when people in the waiting room and behind the front desk complimented him, he said, "Thanks! I love my sunglasses!  And did you know that Mom let me bring my monster blanket here?  He usually doesn't leave the house, but she said I could bring him to the doctor's office because Monster Blanket helps me feel better!"  He can carry on long conversations with perfect strangers, and I love it.

14.  Sometimes when I tell Noah to do something, he will scold me and say, "We don't boss people, Mommy!"

15.  On a recent walk to the park, Noah pointed out a fire hydrant to me.  I didn't know he knew that word, so I said, "You are one smart cookie, Noah."  He was insistent: "No, Mommy.  I'm not a cookie;  I'm just a boy!"

Is it just me, or is he hysterical?  The boy's got some personality, that's for sure.  Sometimes I think I am a bit too obsessed with him, and I need to tone it down or people will think I'm annoying.  But I can't help it--he's just too cute for his own good.  I thank Heavenly Father every day that I am his mama.  Lucky, lucky me.


  1. ADORABLE! I loved all the little Noah-isms, but my favorites are number 2, 6, and 7

  2. oh man! How can I choose?? I love these. I guess "You are the wreck" is a favorite, just because I can totally see you running around and saying something like that - - That kid is just too cute.

  3. 2, 8 & 10 But they're all adorable. He's Mr. Personality!

  4. Sam BUSTED at #11. I think my favorite is still #6. Can't wait to see that boy in April!!

  5. 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 14. With 9 as my favorite. I can see my James doing that. You know what would be fun? If my boys and yours MET! How about for priesthood session on April 5th? We're driving through Twin that day. Can we see you? Let me know! Beccabethwright at gmail dot com

  6. 2, 6, 9, and 13 were my favorite! He is hilarious!

  7. What a cute personality! I'm glad you wrote all those down because they are gems. "I'm so cross" kills me.

  8. He is so blasted funny! Miss that spunky little guy!

  9. Oh my WORD!! He is so adorable! The we buns comment? Totally loled on that one. Hilarious!! And the comment you made about how he makes everything into a toy? Reese is the exact same. Her favorite toys currently are toothbrushes and wash cloths (they are the capes for the toothbrushes, of course). And does Noah still pick out the lint from between his toes? Because Reese does that all of the time and I think of Noah every time she does it. I want our babies to play together!!


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