Monday, March 10, 2014


My newest nephew, Lucas Michael, was born to my little sister Laura and her husband Sam on January 19th.  He is the sweetest little bug, and I kind of want to eat him for dinner.

The days surrounding Luke's birth were such an exciting time for our family.  It is crazy to me that my Little Laura has a baby now.  She is actually 27 and plenty old enough to have a baby...but it's still mind-boggling because she is my baby sister and always will be.  (Her nickname as a kid was Pepper, and I still call her that.)  On the day she went into labor, she sent the family update texts all evening.  This screen shot is one of my favorites--having sisters is too much fun.

I am so grateful for modern technology that keeps us all connected despite distance!  I loved seeing the photos of Luke's first few minutes and days of life.  Priceless.

In response to these darling photos, my older sister and I gushed in our typical way--threatening to gnaw on, squish, and even pummel the baby.  We have a slight problem with "cute aggression."  I love how well my brother-in-law knows us, as evidenced by this text exchange. :)

A month later, I was lucky enough to get to go to San Diego for a weekend to meet Luke for myself!  He was pretty surprised to see his Aunt Rachel standing on the doorstep--perhaps he had taken his father's warning seriously and was afraid I would gobble him up or squeeze him until he popped. :)

Don't worry--I didn't eat him.  But I did snuggle and kiss him for the entire three days I was there. Heaven!

When I sent the family this photo that I took of Luke, my dad responded by saying that he missed his little Fester. classic.  Laura then made this collage for our viewing pleasure.  Good thing we all love my dad's sense of humor and aren't offended by it!  Cutest little Fester I've ever seen!
I love my family, and I love that Luke is now an integral part of it.  I can't wait to be a part of Luke's life and to see him grow up and to witness all of his milestones.  

I love being an aunt!!

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