Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Noah Skis and Sculpts

Over Presidents Day weekend, we went to Sun Valley with the Nielson family.

The highlight of the trip was definitely getting Noah on skis for the first time.  He loved it.  The first day, he spent about an hour going up the tiny "magic carpet" conveyor belt and then "skiing" down the incredibly gradual slope with his dad and grandpa (think sliding on skis at a snail's pace).  The second day, they actually took him on the chairlift up the kiddie hill, and then he coasted down between his dad's legs.  He loved riding the lift and spending time on the mountain with Dad and Grandpa.  Cutest little skiier I've ever seen.


Another highlight of the trip was building "Old Man Winter" outside the cabin.  Ryan's dad and our brother-in-law Nate built up a huge snow mound (probably around 9 feet tall), and then Ryan got on a ladder and used his mad artistic talents to sculpt it.  Is there anything this husband of mine can't do??

Noah provided moral support by standing on the ground next to his dad with a tiny shovel, scraping at the mound and quoting The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (which just happens to be my least favorite storybook that we own, but he requests it all the time. :/). "There is no time for fun.  There is work to be done. All this deep, deep snow, All this snow has to go."  I honestly can't believe Noah's memory.  I have to be very careful what I say around him because he memorizes and repeats everything.

It was a fun weekend with the Nielsons as always.  Next year, I will get on the ski mountain with Noah!

Group shot!
Don't mind the devil eyes

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