Saturday, August 8, 2009

An El Sal Birthday

Ryan celebrated his 27th birthday at the Hogar del Niño Orphanage on Thursday.
What a fun way to celebrar!

The kids and I planned some surprises for him, including a raucous, birthday wake-up call:

"Buenos dias! Feliz cumpleaños, Bryan!"

A birthday crown and t-shirt, which we forced him to wear all day:

And a little "surprise" fiesta in the evening, complete with a Batman piñata and some wild dancing:

These kids can shake it!!

Thursday was also the last full day of the current Hogar volunteers, Molly and Andrew (who are awesome by the way), so the fiesta was in their honor as well. I planned a game "Pin the Sombrero on Molly and Andrew," which was a hit:

Maria didn't seem to quite understand the game, but she still loved it, as you can tell from this video:

It was a great party and a great trip...I have many many more photos and stories to post and will do so at intervals throughout the weekend. (Too much to do all at once!)

Feliz cumpleaños a Ryan, truly one of the most patient, loving, and fun people in todo el mundo!


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! Can we have another birthday party for Ry when we are there?

  2. yayyy! Rachel! I am a part of this post! haha:) I love the videos, and how about my little solo there? Umm, yeah.

    PS- I love your Spanglish. It might be my favorito in todo el mundo.

  3. Funnest! But if you think THAT was fun just wait until Friday when Uncle Ryan gets to do a belated celebration with CAL!!!

  4. really bummed I missed this night. I was stuck in a scary little hotel room in Guate wishing I could be with you guys.


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