Monday, August 17, 2009


Tonight, I saw what was, in my opinion, an excellent movie--Julie and Julia. I loved it. It inspired me.

The movie tells the story of two seemingly unremarkable women who accomplish remarkable things by simply pursuing their lofty goals--day after day after day. They both did not "see the end from the beginning" and had no idea how their pursuits would end up. They both faced significant discouragement along their journeys. They both had the support of devoted husbands who believed in them.

Who knew that Julia Child was in her 40s before she really started cooking? Or that her famous cookbook took 8 years to write and was rejected by her intended publisher? Or that she was wildly in love with her husband? Or that she was heartbroken that she could never have children?

I didn't.

So, as it turns out, remarkably successful and impressive people are like me? They're just normal people with faults and bad habits and moments of total meltdown?

I am someone who likes to see the end from the beginning. I often don't like to start on an endeavor unless I can be sure that it will end well. I am also someone who has grand goals that often don't materialize--mostly because I don't persist through my discouragement. I'm also not that self-disciplined.

Remember my blog post several months ago about wanting to run a half marathon? Well, if you go back in my blog history, you won't find it.

I erased it.

I got too busy or too lazy or too something, so I gave it up--and I erased the post from my blog because I was embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know that I am a quitter.

There you have it: I am a quitter.

But after watching the movie, I feel more inspired to really start pursuing some of my life goals--in small steps, day after day.

My older sister is in town (hence the reason for the outing to the movies), and tonight at dinner we had an interesting conversation. I told her that I am still scared to be a mom because it looks difficult--and sometimes not so fun. At that, she burst into laughter and said, "Rachel, can you think of anything in life that is worth doing that is always fun??"

I had to sheepishly admit that, no, I cannot.

I have done many hard things. And sometimes, they're not so fun. And sometimes, I'm discouraged. But in the end, I am always grateful that I persisted.

So, motherhood is definitely one of my goals, even if it's hard. I'd also like to write a book. I'd like to run another half marathon. I'd like to speak Spanish fluently. I'd like to do something to help the children in my neighborhood, academically and emotionally. I'd like to pray morning and night, every day, and have a closer relationship with God. I'd like to adopt kids who need me. I'd like to overcome my addiction to junk food and learn to enjoy vegetables. I'd like to help a lot of people--as many people as I can. I'd like to live a good life and show my husband every day how much I love him.

Those are some of the things that I'd like to do. I am just a normal person, and believe me, I have many a discouraging flaw. But as I watched the movie tonight, I kept thinking, "They were normal, just like me. I need to make some specific goals and see what happens! And who knows...I might have some fun along the way..."

I love inspiring movies.

P.S. Can I just add that we have new neighbors who swear NON-STOP? As I sit here typing on our balcony (It's too hot to sit anywhere else), I have heard more curse words in 15 minutes than I ever thought possible. As irritating as this is, I do agree with one of their tamer quotes: "Buffalo is too damn hot."



  1. I find that when I tell someone else my goals, I pursue them for valiantly because I don't want to be known as a quitter like you said... so now that you have told us some of the goals you would like to pursue, I hope they materialize for you. I also want to speak Spanish fluently, but I am starting from scratch... :)

  2. We saw that movie too and we really liked it too. It made me think about what I wanted to do too.

  3. i've really been wanting to see that movie. glad to hear it's a good one.
    i wish you the best on your efforts.
    and i'm sorry it's so hot in buffalo!

  4. I'm going to see that movie now! How cool! Ok, so, you really need to read the book, Outliers. Really. It's the same kind of things. It talks about people like the Beatles, Bill Gates, and many more. It talks about how they were just normal people too, but the just worked really hard to get where they are today. You'd enjoy it. I'm glad you shared this post. It made me feel good.

  5. Oh and it's definitely to damn hot in Buffalo

  6. Man, wish I had stayed one more night! I really want to see that movie. And I share so many of your goals--let me know how you go about them step by step. :)

  7. the one thing that really popped out to me (in bold letters) when reading your post was how you commented that motherhood looks hard. . . and does not look like so much fun sometimes! HA! :)
    HA HA HA!

    really. . . Rachel. . . if i hadn't "rushed" into having kids so soon after being married. . . i might have had second thoughts too! :)
    i am not going to sugar coat it for you. . .
    your right.
    it's hard.
    and it isn't always fun.
    (as we are moving and trying to tame two wild beasts (as in our two offspring!)) it has become even MORE prevalent the not so fun and hard times!

    but. . .
    i know you have heard this before. . . but you never really know what people mean by the "it's worth it" statement until you have become a mother yourself.

    when you have those sweet kids and hold and care for them and they rely on YOU. . . the "bad" melts away and the good is all you live for! :)
    really. i LIVE for my girls.
    they are joy. pure joy.
    i always think of Jesus. . . and the love he had for children and now i see why.
    they are as close to perfect as you can get. . . well. . . that doesn't mean they are! lol. i should know! i have two naughty, hyperactive girls! but. . . if that is what comes with the joy. . . i'll take it!

    p.s. just so you know. . . being a mom is hard work. . . but the more hard work you put in. . . the better the rewards are :)

    p.s.s. Buffalo is WAY too damn hot!
    good golly oh my! have we been sweatin'! sheesh!

  8. Haha, so I just read through some of the comments and think its funny that since you said "damn" others are not just agreeing with you, they're saying it too. Haha, I don't know why, but that's funny to me.

    So a few days ago, the commercial for that movie came on and Trav turned to me and said "Is that something you'd want to go see?" (In kind of a "I would never want to but I have a sinking feeling YOU would want to" sort of voice. I laughed and admitted that, yeah it looked pretty interesting. It didn't look dirty, full of violence, bad words, cleavage, etc. And I like cooking, so why not see it? Well, now it's on my MUST SEE list! Thanks for the recommendation.

    I'm pretty sure I've shared my story of "when we decided to have kids" with you, but if not, let's just say I knew I'd be in big trouble with the Big Guy if I procrastinated any longer. I was scared silly. Trav wasn't. I fought it and fought it even after I knew so strongly we were supposed to. It's like Carly said, words don't begin to describe how "worth it" it really is. That given, I was a fairly cranky, sleep-deprived mess for the first three months of Collins life. :)

    Thanks for offering to be a sub for Bunko! That's funny that you don't like games. Neither does my younger sister. She would always complain when we begged her to join us for some cards or whatever. But it will be fun to see you some months at Bunko!

  9. Rachel, I have been DYING to see this movie. I can hardly even WAIT for it to get to the dollar theater (since we are lucky enough to have one!). And I agree 100% with all of your goals. But seriously, not sure if you realized this, but you're well on your way at becoming a successful and impressive person. I'd even say you have achieved that to some degree in your life. You inspire me to be better, so that means you're doing many things right in your life!:)

    But I couldn't agree with you more. I want to be a success in many aspects, but it's intimidating and I know it'll be hard. It's just one step at a time.

    Looovvveeddd this post!:)

  10. So many things to say-first of all, I want to see that movie too! Looks good.

    Second of all, I seriously sat at my kitchen table telling my friend Nanci all about you last night and what an amazing and incredible person you are. In so many many ways. :)

    Third of all, motherhood is the hardest thing I could ever dream of doing. But, like the others have said, there is nothing better. Of course the thing that is hardest is also going to be the greatest. I can say that now because my kids are presumably asleep after crying for a long period of time (well, Dal did anyway). You have to know though that...I seriously can't remember what is that you have to know. Maybe you should know that motherhood kills brain cells. Lots of them.

    Anyway, I think I was going to say that taking care of your own kids is so much more fulfilling than taking care of anyone else's. Someone once said that having a baby is like ripping your heart out of your chest and laying it in your arms. It's amazing!

  11. Well, I learned three things from reading your comments:

    1. You should be paid for promoting this movie, b/c you obviously rock at it.

    2. Everything thinks you don't want to have kids and is trying to talk you into having them. :)

    3. Your Mormon friends in Buffalo must also feel quite cool and liberal when they say "damn." You dorks! :)

    I loved the movie as well, but I must admit that while it did inspire me it also really discouraged me. Yes, they were normal people working hard and starting late in life, but I don't even have anything to work toward. I don't have a fabulous idea or a PASSION like they do. Maybe someday. Love you!

  12. Rachel- loved this post- and your list of all the things you want to do


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