Thursday, August 20, 2009

The other cuties...

A few days after Laura arrived in Buffalo, two other cuties joined us: My older sister, Sarah, and her precious angel of a baby, Callum. I am obsessed with him.

While he was in Buffalo, Callum met some new friends:

Our favorite neighbors, the Lemons!

(Don't ask me how Callum slept through a dinner of laughs with the Deb-ster!)

And most importantly, his Uncle Ryan!

Callum and Ryan had a great time getting to know each other...Ryan was a very willing babysitter! After one of our sister outings, we pulled up to the apartment and found the boys chilling on the balcony. Aren't they cute?

Thanks, Sarah, for making the long trip and hauling all the baby gear so Ryan could meet his nephew!

I love my sisters and had a great week with them. Sarah is such a good mother, and I want to be just like her when I have my own little cutie. I hope he/she is half as precious as this smiley guy:


  1. Oh man I miss you guys like crazy! I love you!!!

  2. I've loved all the recent posts Rachel. Thanks so much for posting them...and the pictures are fantastic! Did you get a new camera? Sounds like the summer ended up being full of JOY, just perfect!


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