Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh my.

Just returned from an emergency run to Wilson Farms. I know, I know, it's technically still Sunday...but the ox was in the mire (just remembered that tomorrow is my co-teacher's birthday, and we had no eggs for me to make her a cake), so I decided that 11:35 pm was close enough to 12:00 am, and I dashed down the road to buy a couple of eggs.

Wilson Farms is just at the end of our street--on the corner of Highgate and Bailey--so I drove there in about 30 seconds, hopped out of my car, and ran into the empty store. As I walked towards the dairy case, I got a strange look (candy corn pjs again) from the worker and the armed guard, and then--WAIT--armed guard? I did a double take. Oh yes, there was a big, black, armed guard standing with his arms crossed by the door.


So as I was waiting for the worker to come ring me out (she conveniently disappeared just as her only customer for the night stepped up to the counter), I struck up a conversation with the large guard.

"Are you here every night?" I asked.

"No, only Saturday and Sunday," he responded, appearing quite pleased that I was actually talking to him.

"But is someone here every night?" I persisted.

"Oh, yeah. One of us is."

"Wow, that's scary. I guess that means that there is a need for you to be here every night, huh?"

His response: "Girly, you have no idea."

Note to self: If ever you need eggs in the middle of the night again, it might be best to drive the 10 minutes to Wegmans in Amherst. Better to lose gas and sleep than to lose your life.


  1. Wow an armed guard!? That is scary! It really makes me wonder what has happened there...but then again, I don't really want to know.

  2. Oh Rach. It is 1am and I am still up because I can't put down my latest book, The Gift of Fear. I was thinking about our conversation on Friday night about how you don't get scared. I found that so strange (me being the paranoid person that I am) but I really really recommend this book. I want to host book club again so I can make it my selection. I know I'm an over the top "worrier" and that's not good, but perhaps the opposite is just as bad. I think the things I'm learning in this book are vital for every girl! Needless to say, I wouldn't have gone into that store without my mace cocked and ready haha.

  3. Awesome. I think I would feel just fine knowing there was a huge black guy with a gun who had my back. :) Oh and by the way, I had to make Sam break the Sabbath today too. I felt guilty. Glad you did too.

  4. hahahah Candy corn pajamas. I can't stop laughing. One day we will look back at these good times in the Buff.

  5. You need to come shop on my side of town. There are gaurds in the bank, library, grocery store.. . I've never checked to see if they are armed but assumed they are. I have gotten used to it.

  6. We have guards everywhere, girly, but most of them aren't big, buff black guys. :)

  7. you know someone was murdered on lisbon this weekend...but that isn't really that out of the ordinary for your neck of the woods.

  8. I think your brave for going out so late at night as it is. I'm afraid of going anywhere after dark even if it's to church..hence why I hardly go to any of the activities that require me using headlights or parking more than 10 feet from the door :-D. I too think it's worth driving alittle extra even if it means spending more on gas. This from the one that goes to Angola to do her banking and Lockport to do anything DMV related instead of going downtown or anywhere "ghetto-ville" related. Although I live in what I consider "ghetto-ville" central :-D. call me keeps me alive though..haha!

  9. Hey Rachel this is Jennifer Lowe, Katherine lowes little sister we used to live in Littleton by you guys.

  10. Shades of San Salvador, is what I would say!

  11. all right.
    here's the thing.
    i lived by you. . . and i KNOW the neighborhood.
    heavens. . . yes i do!

    now. . . it isn't the "safest" place in the world. . . but. . . i lived in Salt Lake too. . . and guess what? JUST AS SHADY!
    it's everywhere!

    Buffalo is definitely not your "Brady Bunch" kind of place. . . but i think we should always be on our guard. . . whether we live on Winspear. . . or in Amherst!

    all i can think is. . . "good thing the Lord is on our side". . . right?


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