Friday, November 20, 2009

Three for the Price of One

Last night, some of my fun girlfriends invited me to go to the midnight showing of New Moon with them.  After considering the fact that I had to get up at 6:00 a.m. to teach a full day of school, I decided--what the heck??--and I went.

It was so much fun.  We smuggled in Cheetohs, Doritos, and Hot Tamales, and we just chomped and giggled away while watching what was quite possibly one of the corniest movies I've ever seen.  (But in a fun way!)  We screamed with all of the other girls when Jacob, the sexy werewolf, first took off his shirt, and we gasped in horror at the creepy, red-eyed Volturi.  At the climactic moment of the film, just when Edward was about to get killed by the vampire authorities (we knew he wouldn't...but still...), the movie started to wobble...and then slow down...and then, it STOPPED.

My first thought was, "Riot."  Honestly, I was afraid that the hordes of Edward-loving maniacs might pummel the poor worker who came running in to fix it.  He calmly assured us that they were having technical difficulties, and it would just be a few minutes.

Well, FIFTY minutes later, the film got rolling again, and we finally got to see Edward reunited with his precious Bella.  To compensate us for our lost time and to ease our aggravation, the theater gave each person two free movie tickets. JACK POT!  I was more than appeased, especially considering that during the entire fifty minute break, I had a grand old time chatting and laughing with Karli and Tasha.  So fun!

Although quite sleep-deprived at school today (I got home from the movie at 3:35 a.m.), I was able to muster up enough energy to have a few spirited discussions about the movie with my students.  (You better believe they were at the midnight showings!!)  I love being able to talk about relationships, life, and literature with my students--even if the discussion centers around cheesy vampires!

Tonight, Ry and I utilized the free tickets and saw another new release film, The Blind Side.  It is the true story of a family who made a remarkable difference in the life of a troubled teenager, and I have to say, it was infinitely more inspiring than New Moon.  I left wanting to be a better person.  In fact, as we were driving home, Ry and I spotted a guy pushing his truck down the road, and we looked at each other and knew we better stop to help.  It's a little ridiculous how good it made us feel to help this fellow; the family in the movie changed someone's life, but, hey, we helped push a broken down truck, and that's a start, right???  Ha!

I love going to the it's been a good couple of days!


  1. Sounds fun! I'm jealous. I love going to movies. ONLY in a Twilight movie would women wait for an HOUR for the movie to restart in the middle of the night. Any other movie and they'd be out of there with the new tickets in hand and demanding a refund, all annoyed and grumbling. I bet not a soul left that theater! :) And, I must say, I am surprised to hear you call Bella "angelic." I think Kristin Stewart's Bella is so freaking annoying and melodramatic!

  2. By the way, Logan laughed hysterically at the fact that YOU, RACHEL NIELSON, went to a midnight showing of a movie of a book franchise that you pretend to hate. Hypocritical, anyone?! :)

  3. I never said I hated the books and movies...I just said that they are silly, which they are. But I love that they get my students reading! And I completely agree about Kristen Stewart. I just meant she is angelic to know, going along with the melodrama.

  4. he he he!
    i am hypocritical too!
    i have always said that the "Twilight" phenomenon is quite ridiculous. . . but after i read the books. . . which are "good" reads. . . i have found that it is all just silly and fun. . . and OH BOY. . . was that a FUN night!

    thanks for coming Rach! it was a BLAST!

    p.s. i am SO glad you guys could use the tickets. . . that compensation was totally worth it!

    is that the movie you were telling me about?
    sounds really good!
    i am ALL for movies that leave you feeling good and wanting to help the world around us. :)

  5. gross. I can't believe you wasted precious sleep to see a vampire movie.

  6. You dork. Sounds fun! And I have really been wanting to see The Blind Side. Now I can't wait!


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