Monday, November 30, 2009

Idaho Spuds and Buds

Highlights of our Thanksgiving weekend in Idaho:

Turkey Bowl and Turkey Trot

The Nielson men got together for some athletic competitions on Turkey Day. After a game of football, they had a race on the high school track. These boys are competitive, and unkind words were exchanged, but, after several heats, Ryan and Nate came out victorious. (Funny that they were the only two who didn't strip down to their skivvies for aerodynamic advantage!) It was hilarious.

Family Feasts

We enjoyed Sal's homecooking the entire weekend. Of course, the actual Thanksgiving meal was a highlight.

Family Fun

The "love bird" couples had fun decorating gingerbread houses with Sal (Mom) and Tan (little brother).

Family Fotos

Aren't we cute?

"Love ya tender," Nielsons!


  1. Cute coat, sis! And did Nate really beat Ry in the race or did they tie? Looked like a close one! I can't believe how competitive they are . . . or how HUGE Tanner is!!! Weird.

  2. Random comment for your year: This is April. I just checked out your blog - looks like things are going well for you. Glad Thanksgiving was yummy and entertaining! Hope teaching is going well for you. Jeremy's finally graduating and we're applying for jobs/PhDs like madmen. We don't really feel great about either one - we'll see. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Great coat! I saw some serious muscles on a couple of those racers! Way to go on the skinny underdog kicking their butts! :)


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